Joe Dill the Poet

by JoeDill

Jewel- My poems are rare, excellent, and  
       Haters want to be me, but I can't grant 
       their wishes
       My poems are food for thought
       But as Jigga Man said you do the dishes
Omiscient- I know the things I write have an 
           effect on people
           I try to educate my black people 
           especially the youth
           To show them out there, their is no 
           one better than you
           It's all in the mind strive to be the
           best and that's the TRUTH
Elite- I am preeminent and there is no few
       People will say there are others like me
       They can keep feeding themselves that
       Cause it'll come back and catch'em like 
       a right hook to the EYE
Different- I don't want to be like others
           I work hard at being myself
           If you try to be like somebody else
           It's not good for you, it's bad for 
           your HEALTH
           Intelligent- If I wasn't this I wouldn't be
             spitting this to you
             I would be hating on somebody
             Talking behind someone's back
             But that's not what I'm about 
Lyricst- As you can see my poems are tight
         It might take me a couple of hours
         Some paper and brain power
         But I will come right
Laconic- This I cannot be
         When I write I want my people to know
         it's me
         I can't say just a few words that's 
         I gotta say what I feel, I want to be 

Joe Dill the Poet by JoeDill

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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