Ask Me Why I'm Mad

by Joe Dill

Ask me why I'm mad
White people took my ancestors from our Mother Land
They took them to a place where they were equal to no man
300-something years of oppression
They shackled them, beat them, took out their aggression
Gave us scraps, just a little bit of food
Made us play the role of the fool
Shunned us for the things they didn't understand
Everyday made our brothers feel less than a man
Beat our children, raped our women
I guess they didn't think they were sinning
Committed crimes against each other
Told the judge it was us
Made us ride in the back of the bus
Killed Dr. Martin Luther King
Was in on Brother Malcolm's death
Man let me stop to take a breath
I got so much animosity inside of me
The cowards behind those white sheets don't want to see
Spray my people with a water hose
Messing up their Sunday church clothes
Teaching your children to hate Blacks forever
When you should be teaching them that they are no better
But I'm not full of hate 
I'm full of love
Something the whole world should be full of
But Ask me why I'm mad
I reply, "really I'm fine"
This is just something I had to get off my mind

Ask Me Why I'm Mad by Joe Dill

© Copyright2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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