Amerikas Nightmare

by JoeDill

Amerikas Nightmare is something Amerika made
It started back when my people were enslaved
White people walked around calling us Niggaz
Didn't the know that Niggaz get BIGGA

They put us down because of our skin color
But is that really what it was?
I think they are scared or our mind
That's what makes them scared of us

When Dr. King and Brother Malcolm were at their height
When they were teaching peace
That's when the man wanted to fight
Instead of letting the hatred cease

We shouldn't be afraid to speak our minds
If it's because of our skin color that we're dying
Let it be known that I will die
Because I love my skin and that's no lie

When I put the pen to paper
I let others know how I feel
When a white man picks this up and reads it
Up and down his spine he will feel a chill

I'm glad to be apart of Amerikas Nightmare
Because I speak my mind
No longer am I afraid of dying
My fist is in the air, it's my time to shine

Amerikas Nightmare has gotten bigga
It's no longer known as a nigga
It's now known as a young Black Man
A young Ebony, African American

Amerikas Nightmare by JoeDill

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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