by Ankh

 There are reasons why I will never leave you
unsophisticated reasons
that stand alone without scented candles and incense burning
simple as the free-falling tears that slip from my eyes
when you hold me that way
with arms that never reject me
instead rectify the previous nightmares 
that have filtered into my daydreams
I would love to say that I could live without you
as I've done before
as you've done before
sharing lifetimes with other people
after finding my completion within you
without knowing I wasn't whole
and I love you this much
mornings caught within the twinkle of your eyes
are worth heaven
here's to fighting fear and trusting you
your breathe upon my back as we sleep
feels like a godsend
I could not defy my desideratum for you if I tried
I am to enamored and flowing 
lost within your enchantment
and there are reasons why I'll never leave you
far beyond they unexplainable no words theory
dancing above the always there for me assertion
sliding in between the it's his kiss, touch, feel thatís got me silly
and envious of not being his skin to hold him closer still.
I am your permission to be happy
and you are mine 
you are mine
I could sing it to the mountains
and listen for the echoes
never tiring of hearing those words
like I love you those words
silken and sacred and true.
without you sunsets rise
and dusk breaks
and nights are  filled with sunshine
While days are dark with an eternal eclipse
and the whole word goes crazy
there are reasons why I love you
heady reasons that dwell within my spirit
 not wanting any where else to go
and I am submersed within you.

Reasons by Ankh

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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