by Job's Daughter

This is a story about a silent enemy of the people.
An enemy that we can't see because he lives behind closed doors.
Doors so tight that even the most skillful thief can't pick the lock.
He is the man behind the man behind the man.
Do you understand what I'm saying?

We all think of him as Mr. In-Charge.  Mr. Head of the Company.
But, in reality he is the biggest crook walking this planet.
He is the one behind shattered dreams and broken households.
He walks amongst us as a living, breathing being,
But don't let that fool you, for he is far from a human being.

He is a fire breathing dragon waiting to pounce on the small
But not so much the weak, only those who stand alone.
He divides and conquer on all levels, and we never see him coming.
He makes promises that are never kept and says all the right things.
He smiles in your face while gently pressing that knife in your back.

He makes money off your hard work and your diligence.
Your loyalty and self-sacrifice means very little to him, if anything at all.
He takes your energy and puts it in a little canister on his desk.
He uses that energy when he needs extra work to earn more money.
Money---that you never see on your paycheck, but it goes to his.

Year after year after year, you work and you work and you work.
But, nothing ever changes, nothing ever gets better, you just work.
In the meantime, this silent enemy's pockets get fatter and fatter.
Not that he's working for it, but he has your energy on lockdown.
Sitting on his desk, waiting to be used, and used, and used.

This is a man who is only out for what he can get.
Little people are not his thing, only what they can do.
All that matters to him is making money and more money.
Money made from your energy, your time, your sacrifice.
Money made for Mr. CEO, and money never seen by broken homes.

Author's Note: I was inspired to write this piece after being fired from my job of 9 years, after our original company merged with another. The CEO of the company didn't care anything about the employees of our original company and we were left hanging on our own. Am I resentful? You bet I am. I am resentful of the fact that because of that merger I no longer have a job to take care of myself or my family because of someone else's greed. I am 100% sure that my salary became too expensive for him to pay, so they tried over the last year to force me out, but I wouldn't quit. If I were going, they would have to fire me, and eventually that's what happened after all the game playing on their part. In any event, my heart goes out to any and all who have found themselves in this dilemma of dealing with corporate America and the CEO at the top who really just don't give a _______. Just remember that God is still in charge. Can you say: Enron and WorldComm. Giants can and do fall. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Peace to all my peeps.

CEO by Job's Daughter

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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