Untitled Short Story

by James W. Lewis

"I'll have a cheeseburger with fries and medium drink." The waitress smiled as she took the familiar order. Sheryl never deviated from the Wednesday afternoon special at Larry's diner in downtown San Diego. She ordered the same for Michelle, who was supposed to be there but hadn't arrived yet. Donna ordered her customary vegetarian meal so not to cheat on what she calls her "eating plan". As a nurse, she always felt she needed to practice what she preached. But Sheryl didn't care. A lawyer's diet isn't as strict when averaging 80 hours a week. "Donna, where is that girl?"

The trio of best friends made a pact to meet each Wednesday for lunch to chitchat and recap the events of the past week. Sheryl was getting irritated at Michelle's uncommon absence. Even with their busy schedules, they always found time to meet up for an hour or two on Wednesdays. This get-together was expected to be more interesting than usual because Michelle had a new, supposedly gorgeous man in her life. Donna, who is married, loved hearing about the "sexploitations" of her two single friends.

"Where is that girl?" Donna said, jumping up whenever a person walked in. She was very eager to hear about Daryl, Michelle's new man. From the phone call last night, Michelle was holding out on some juicy details. She didn't reveal much over the phone, but Michelle clearly had an amazing time with Daryl that weekend. "I don't know, girl. Why don't you-- oh, there she is!" Michelle finally came in the diner walking very slowly between tables towards the back where the three usually sat. Her bent over limp indicated a woman in obvious pain. Of those who stared, they were a few who made attempts to help her, but she waved them off. Donna and Sheryl curiously watched as Michelle struggled to sit next to Donna. "What's wrong with yo' ass, girl? Why are you walking like that? What, did you piss off one of your investors again?" said Donna, referring to one of her clients from her brokerage firm. Michelle sat down with a sigh, showing signs of complete relief. She looked exhausted, yet still very attractive. She still appeared to be in some pain.

"Are you all right?" Sheryl asked with concern.

Michelle slumped back in her seat, her eyes towards the ceiling. "You know, I've known that man for about three weeks now and already I believe he is the most beautiful man I have ever met, inside and out; got a good job, a car, no kids, no baby mama drama. He's everything I want in a man, but after last weekend, I don't think I can be with him no more!"

Donna and Sheryl sat wide-eyed with shock and confusion. "What the hell does that mean?" Donna asked, baffled.

"Well, last week I told you he was talking about going to Palm Springs for the weekend and he asked me if I wanted to go. I barely knew the man so I told him no thanks. But after thinking about how hot Palm Springs is and how much I wanted to see that body, I changed my mind and told him I'd go. We got to his timeshare suite on Friday night and because of the drive, we both went to sleep the moment we got there. I slept in the bedroom and he slept on the couch in the living room. The suite was beautiful, with multiple rooms and everything. It even has a kitchen with…

"Girl, will you get to the point!" Donna interrupted, aggravated by her small talk.

"Alright, alright, girl! Geez!" Michelle rolled her eyes.

As always, when the three women got together, they closed out everybody else. Eyes would stare in their direction, but the women would pay no attention.

"Anyway, on Saturday it was pretty hot, but not too hot. We were able to play tennis, little bit of racquetball, went on a mountain trip, all kinds of stuff. I had a lot of fun because you know I like that kind of stuff. And Daryl was, damn. Damn, damn, damn! Six two, 190 pounds of lean muscle, looking like somebody out of sports magazine. He looked so good, wearing a tank top, but I noticed he wore sweat pants the whole time. He didn't wear shorts at all. I thought that was kind of weird considering it was still kind of hot. He also didn't want to go swimming, either."

Donna was totally fixated on Michelle, listening to every detail. Sheryl couldn't help but giggle at Donna's gaze. "Damn, girl. He looks that good, we have to meet him soon," said Sheryl, a little skeptical of Michelle's god-like description of this man.

"Shhh. Go on," said Donna, her index finger on her lips. Sheryl gave her an evil look as Donna waited for Michelle to speak, oblivious to Sheryl's stare.

"Here you go. Two orders of burgers and fries, and a vegetarian special." "Damn it!" Donna said under her breath, clearly irritated by the waitress's "rude" interruption. They momentarily stopped to take a few bites.

"Damn, this is good!" Sheryl was trying to devour her burger. Donna took a few bites, but stared at Michelle who winced in pain every time she moved around in her seat. Michelle caught her gaze and said "What?" "Girl, are you going to tell us what happened? And why you walking around like you got something stuck up your ass?" Sheryl and Michelle almost choked on their food with laughter.

After swallowing her food, Michelle continued: "We went back to the hotel around six and took showers. I got dressed in the bathroom, but I was hoping he wouldn't do the same thing. I wanted to see him come out in a towel. He dressed in the bathroom, too, though. Oh well. I figured I'd see enough of that ass later on that night. Fuck the towel!"

Donna slapped with hands with Michelle. "That's what I'm talking about! What happened next?" Sheryl shook her head. Donna was like a kid who couldn't to see the end of a movie without asking questions. "Slow your roll, Donna! We went out again to check out a movie and gamble at the casino----where I won $500 dollars, by the way. We went back to the suite around 11:30 and let me tell you, by this time, I was ready to eat his ass, know what I mean? Doing all that physical activity got a sista worked up! I couldn't wait!"

Sheryl and Donna were both engrossed now. This is what they were waiting for. "But, as we walked back to the suite, I was trying to touch him and hold his hand, but he wouldn't do it. He seemed a little distant when we got in the suite, so I tried to kiss him. He put his head down!"

"Whaaaaaaat?" said Sheryl, surprised. "So I asked him what was wrong. He then took me by my hand, walked me to the bedroom and sat me down on the bed, but he turned on the night light on the table. He had this sad look on his face, so I knew what was coming; he either got an STD or he's married or some shit, you know."

"I knew it. I just knew it." said Sheryl, as she ate a few fries. She wasn't interested anymore because she's been there before. In her mind, when something seemed too good to be true, stay away from it because it ain't. Donna looked a little disappointed, too. "Ain't that some shit? What, he's married, huh?"

Michelle grinned. "Not even. He's got another kind of problem. I didn't know it could ever be a problem." Sheryl and Donna put their drinks down, wondering what she meant. "I was sitting at the edge of the bed and he stood in front of me. Then all of sudden, he unzips his pants, pulls OUT his thing, and it went from up, to down, all the way down! And I damn near fainted! It was the biggest dick I ever saw in my life!" Donna and Sheryl shrieked with laughter. Sheryl nearly choked on her fries and almost fell out of her seat.

Neither of them seemed to notice the eyes turning in their direction. "I mean, it was huge! He even used some kind of tape at the end of it to attach it to his leg so it wouldn't flop around when he walked!"

Sheryl could not believe it. "Girl, I know you lyin', now!" she said, a little skeptical. She figured Michelle had to be exaggerating. "So, exactly how long was it?" she asks. Michelle slowly shook her head and sighed. "It had to be at least eight or ten inches long because when he pulled it out, it was by his knee, girl. I am not lying." Michelle watched as her friends' eyes bulged, their jaws almost on the table. Donna looked down at her knee and tried to imagine a man as tall as Daryl with a penis that long. She shuddered at the thought.

"I just sat there, stunned, staring at this thing. I was probably drooling. It was so black and smooth. The head of it kind of looked like Darth Vader's head." Laughter erupted as usual as Michelle made colorful descriptions of Daryl's "piece". "I looked up at him in amazement and he says, do you think you can handle this? He was grinning and shit, looking like Long Dong Silver or something!"

They all laughed almost uncontrollably. Luckily, there weren't a lot people in the diner at the time, or they might've complained. They were creating a commotion. "What did you say when he asked that?" Donna asked, struggling to talk.

"I don't remember what I said because I was so into this thing! I was touching it, stroking it, just inspecting this thing. He stood back a little and the head of it was pointing towards my face. He was leaning against a drawer in front of the bed, looking down at me. His pants were down to his ankles by now, and there I was just mesmerized. This thing was so long and hard, I swear it felt like petrified wood!"

They could hardly control their laughter. Sheryl couldn't resist. The question had presented itself. "So, did you…well, you know, slob on the knob?" she teasingly asks amid her chuckles.

"Hell no! I would've choked on that thing! Besides, I was too busy looking for the knee joints and toes. I thought it was another leg! It was all hard and stuff and I was trying to bend it. He was like, what are you doing? I totally forgot the man attached to the thing!"

Donna shook her head in disbelief. "Um, um, um. No wonder he didn't want to go swimming. And what else can you wear besides sweat pants or slacks? Damn, girl." She was a little envious of Michelle with Mr. "Long Dong".

"He asks me if I wanted to put the condom on. I was like uuuuhhh…sure. He gets a condom out of his wallet and hands it to me and I tear it open. Mind you, he's standing back about a foot because I didn't want him to poke my eye out." Sheryl picked up the largest french fry on her plate and playfully stroked it as Donna and Michelle giggled. "I slid it on, and of course it didn't fit. It did cover a good part of it though, surprisingly."

"Girl, forget all that. How did that big ole' black ding dong fit in you?" Donna asks. Sheryl shook at the thought. Of course, Donna was eager to know. "I don't know what I was thinking because by the time we got undressed, I realized that fool was going to stick a 10 inch rod between my legs! But when we got down to business, he was really careful. That fool still had me sounding like a banshee up in that place! I could not stop screaming! Somebody must've heard my loud ass! He did go too deep a few times, though. It felt like he was poking my uterus."

Donna was nearly salivating as Michelle spoke of Daryl's mean thrusts with his 10 inch black manhood of hard flesh. She always wanted to know what it was like to be with a Mandingo type. However, Sheryl was wincing at the idea of a 10 inch pole stabbing her between her legs. "I don't know how you did it. That had to be painful," she says, shuddering. "I can!" Donna cries. "I wish my husband had a dick like that. I would gladly go to work sore everyday knowing I had that thing to come home to. Shit, I'd probably take pictures of that thing and hang it up in my hospital ward. I'd have people coming in and I'd be like: and this is my kids, here's my dog, Spanky, and this is my husband's dick."

Belly bursting laughs erupt again. Michelle's body aches more with each uproar of laughter. Sheryl wipes tears from eyes and tries to regain her composure. Although the thought of rump shakin' with a man that size made her shake, she was also a little intrigued. "So it was like that, huh? No wonder you're walking like you still got that thing stuck up there. I'm surprised you can walk at all," Sheryl says.

"Well, that's not exactly why I'm walking like this. This man suddenly turns me over and I'm on top. Here I am forgetting what I'm dealing with and I go all the way down on it! Ripped the rubber off and everything. I screamed so loud, I'm surprised I didn't break the window panes."

Donna and Sheryl both cringed. "Damn, girl! Your insides alright?" Sheryl figured that had to feel like somebody sticking a bat up there. Michelle groaned. "After I did that, I was through. I couldn't take any more. We tried again the next morning and even on Sunday, but I was too sore. I couldn't even pee. I've been sore ever since."

Donna chuckled. "Damn. How come you didn't do it doggy style?" Sheryl and Michelle giggle. "Are you crazy? That man would've poked that thing through my back!" Michelle didn't even dare entertain the idea. She knew that would have been suicide.

The waitress finally comes by with the bill and the three friends calm their laughter. She's accustomed to this kind of behavior from them and knows to give them a little extra time with each other. "You guys have too much fun when you come in here. See you next week," she says with a grin.

They try to finish off any left over food as they gather their things. "Are you going to see him again?" Donna asks. Michelle sighs. "I don't know. He's so sweet, but damn he hurts! He even apologized for hurting me and stroked my back until I fell asleep. I felt so bad."

Sheryl stands up and stretches, relieving her aching body. "Girl, you had me rollin' today. I'll tell you what, though, don't stop seeing the man because he gives it to you too good. It ain't like he can help it. Just got to work around it. Buy a year's supply of KY jelly or something," she says, jokingly. Michelle smiles as she picks up her purse and hugs both of her friends. "Shoot, as big as he is, we might drown in that crap. I'll let you guys know next week how things go. We'll talk later."

After paying their bills, Michelle struggles to walk without a limp out the door. Donna holds the door for her. "Remember, I want to meet Daddy Long Stroke soon. I might have to give him a test drive and kick my husband to the curb," Donna says, jokingly. "Shut up, girl! I'll see you later." The three friends say their goodbyes and part ways.

Because of their conflicting schedules, the three women do not speak with each other all week, but correspond through email. A time was established to meet up at the diner on Wednesday. "Where is that girl?" Donna asks, irritated. "I don't know. Why don't you ---oh, there she is! Michelle slowly walks in the diner with that familiar limp. Sheryl and Donna smile as she struggles to her seat.

Untitled Short Story by James W. Lewis

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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