Childhood Love

by J.L. Murphy

You are there when I think back to as far as I can remember
Same complexion
Same eyes
No compromise between now and then
Time has moved on
Yet your tone still sings beautifully to the mind
And delicately to the senses
The intention is to lyric the time in between
The times we were too young and now
Or the time between
The times we were too far apart and then
Loves not Times fool
Nor will Time fool Love into thinking it can’t stand its test
That it can’t move along at a pace comfortable to all involved
Or that it can’t flourish instantly in the hearts of more than one
One time more than the next
The next example of soul mates
Blessed with the knowledge of not knowing what this is
This attraction that has kept my instincts keen
To the slightest glimpse of your shadow
This withdrawal that has influenced my appetite
For the mere mention of what its like 
To love you from back then to just now
From Romeo and Juliet to Sonnet 116
To love you from “I remember when” to “can we do that again”
From Joan Love to Love Jones
To love you from a distance to cuddled up at home
From “I love you” to “baby I love you too”
I want to know what its like 
And need to understand what it means
To love you in the beginning
And still love you in the end

Childhood Love by J.L. Murphy

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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