Hurt So Good

by Chloe Barksdale

The clock next to my bed read 1:12 a.m. I couldn't sleep. The a/c had gone out in my house two days before. It was so hot that I had lain in the middle of the bed spread eagle, refusing to allow even my thighs to touch. Still under warranty, the heating and air repairman had said it would take three days for the part to come in for him to fix the broken unit.

My eyes followed the spin of the whirling ceiling fan overhead. Then in utter disgust, they fell upon the oscillating one that sat on the floor near the foot of my bed. Neither was doing more than blowing hot summer heat around inside my bedroom.

Atlanta was nothing nice come mid July. According to Ken Cook, the Fox 5 weatherman, we were officially in the throws of a summers heat wave. I was for certain that if this was what hell truly felt like, I would have my ass on the front pew of New Mission Baptist Church come 9:45 service, Sunday morning.

Merlon had told me I could chill at his place ‘til the air conditioning in my home was repaired, but I didn't want to add another 30 minutes to my work commute. I was still a tad bit irritated that he’d moved from Lithonia to Alpharetta not too long ago. GA 400 was like a Freaknic parking lot in the mornings and afternoons. Of course he had no complaints. Merlon owned a real estate investment firm. His day began and ended whenever he saw fit.

Currently, he was out of town on business and wasn't scheduled to return for two more days. With that being as it was, there really were no fringe benefits to me staying at his place. I could endure three more days of burning up in a hot ass house. Worst came to worst, I’d kill two birds with one stone by checking into a room near my job.

Releasing a frustrated sigh, I rose from my sweat soaked sheets and drug my drained body across the hardwood floor to my bathroom. Flipping on the light I grimaced at the reflection in the vanity mirror. My face looked like I’d used a bucket of Church’s Chicken for a home facial. My hair was damp and pasted to the side of my head. Just money completely wasted in the salon only two days prior.

Sitting down on the commode to use the bathroom, I felt temporary relief from the coldness. I’d come to the conclusion that getting any sleep was totally moot based on the conditions. Once finished, instead of returning to my bed, I went over to the shower reaching inside and turning on the cold water full blast, blending in only a smidgen of hot.

Peeling the soggy white wife beater and thongs from my body, I threw them to the floor. Pulling the vanity draw open I searched for and found a couple of bobby pins to secure my hair atop my head. For what I really didn't know as the hairstyle I’d just paid sixty bucks for was beyond saving.

Moving back over to the shower, I stepped inside. Standing under the cool spray I felt my skin pimple thanks to the contrast in temperature. It felt so good. The feeling was kicked up a notch when I turned the showerhead around to make the water pulsates against my chest. My nipples instantly harden like peanut brittle. I felt a quick jolt to the area bellow my belly button.

Reaching for my cucumber melon shower gel I began to lather myself all over. Without thinking, my hand slowly began to roam over my body, heightening my already erotic state of being. I hadn't seen Merlon in what was now almost six days.

Going without his touch for three days alone was enough to start feeling the signs of sexual withdrawal. After five, I’d turn into a masturbating fool acting like a bonafide crack head. Sometimes I’d find myself locking the door to my office at work just so I could steal a few minutes to get myself off.

The only problem was that it only seemed to make matters that much worse. It was like going to the chiropractor to get your bones cracked. Once you start you cant stop.

I knew once he returned home, there would be no time for lovemaking. I’d reached the point of needing…plain and simple…. some straight up fucking. All of the extra stuff like sensual kissing and caressing would have to come later. Maybe after the first few nuts. Right then it was day six. All I wanted was the snatch the thongs to the side shove the dick in and try to bruise some internal organs kind pleasure. It was exactly what my body was feening for.

Facing the showerhead, I leaned back against the slippery wall and gave way for the stream of water to massage the soft hair and sensitive area between my legs. With little effort I could feel the pressure begin to build. The uncontrollable feeling came on so quick and with such force that the ceramic tile became a brace for my body as it violently shook from the full strength of the orgasm.

Afterward I just stood there with my chest heaving; eyes closed trying to catch my breath. I was barely capable of moving my legs.

By now my hair was soaking wet. It hung in clumps to my shoulder. I reached up to remove the metal fasteners from what was now truly a curly mess.

Dropping the pins outside the shower onto the floor, I then reached for and found the shampoo bottle on the rack inside the stall. Pouring a little bit into my hands, I began to work the fragrant liquid into my scalp. Suddenly I felt another set of hands touch mine causing me to jump and nearly lose my footing.

My eyes flew open. “Dammit Merlon! Don’t do that shit,” I sputtered, water running into my mouth. “I could have slipped and bust my ass in here.” I screamed.

Just as quick as the anger came, by the time I’d spit the water out and moved the hair from my eyes, it was gone. There he stood. My baby. Five foot eight inches of beautiful dark chocolate. Dick was standing out saluting me like I was a high ranking Marine Sergeant.

Without saying a word, Merlon stepped into the shower. He reached around me for the shampoo and dispensed some into his hands. Placing the both of them on my head, he began to massage. I tilted my body back against his, enjoying the feeling of manipulation that his hands were giving to my scalp.

“Did you miss me baby?” He asked nipping my right ear with his teeth.

“Not at all,” I said softly. He knew I was lying.

“While I was gone did you lock the door to your office at work? Did you unbutton your blouse and rub your nipples through your lace bra?”

“No.” I breathed.

“Did you pull up your skirt and massage your pussy while you thought about me?”


“And once you were so wet you were close to exploding, did you pull out Mr. Big and lay him against your clit and think about our lovemaking until you exploded?” He ran his tongue around the rim of my ear while his hands left my scalp and found its way to my breast.

“No.” I whimpered, as he gently rolled both my nipples between his thumb and index fingers.

“You lie.” He flicked his tongue against the left side of my neck then bit. “You always get yourself off by thinking about me when I go out of town.”

“You’re so full of yourself.” I moaned rotating my head giving him the opportunity to give the right side of my neck the same amount of attention with his tongue that he’d given the left.

“No, you’re about to be full, of me.” He growled lightly placing one hand on my back forcing me to bend over slightly. The water beat down upon my skin and I placed both hands on the wall for balance.

“This is what you’ve been waiting for isn’t it?” He slid easily inside of me causing the walls of my pussy to incinerate. They contoured around him like a glove. If there were such a thing as hurting so good, right then at that very moment, I was experiencing every iota of its existence.

Between the pelting of the water against my back, the heat that filled the air and just the sheer thought of us together – it was a matter of seconds before I felt the intensity of yet another orgasm quickly besiege my body. Its strength was enough for me to see white light. I closed my eyes to embrace its force and road it til I climaxed.

Before I could regenerate enough energy to speak, Merlon stepped from the shower. He picked me up and carried me back into my room. I thought he was going to lay me down on the cream colored silk sheets but he bypassed the king size sleigh bed and instead, used his hand to open the French doors that lead out to the pool.

He didn’t stop until he’d walked down the three steps into the soothing warm water. Holding my back with one hand, he grabbed my right thigh and maneuvered me until I had both legs wrapped around his waist.

“Ummm.” I moaned inside a deep passionate kiss.

“You think I don’t remember don’t you?” He stated between our tongue fight.

“Remember what?”

“That when you first bought this house last winter, you said that come summertime you wanted me to make love to you in the pool.”

“I did say that, didn’t I?” I licked around his lips before pulling them into my mouth and sucking on them like a sweet juicy plum.

“Yes, baby you did.” He slid his dick back up in me yet again then grabbed my ass making me bounce up and down on him.

We’d been together for over eight months yet I couldn’t recount one time our sex being this passionate and feeling this good. Between the feeling on the inside and the slapping of the water against my clit on the outside, chills ran havoc over my body. My pussy began to tighten and release with each and every one of his upward thrust.

He knew me. He knew what that meant. I almost felt ashamed that with little effort on his part and no control on mine, he could bring me to the brink.

Just as I felt myself losing control, he stopped. My eyes popped open.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled beating my fist against his chest. I was mad as hell. Not giving a damn that my neighbors might wake up and hear me screaming like a banshee at 2 in the morning.

Merlon smiled, letting go a wicked snicker. “Were you almost there?”

I slapped at his back. The water surely made it sting as it hurt the palm of my hand as well. “Fuck you.” I hissed.

“Yeah, I know you want to real bad, don’t you?” He laughed again. Carrying me to the edge of the pool he was still rock hard up inside of me.

He knew I hated when he did that. He loved to make me beg for it, taking me to the pinnacle, allowing me to dangle right on the edge then snatching me back. It was enough to make you want to ball up your fist and physically fight.

Grabbing my waist, he slowly broke the connection sitting me on the edge of the pool. Placing his hand between my breasts, he looked at me smiling and pushed me gently, forcing me to lie back.

“Merlon, this concrete is hard. It’ll scratch my skin.”

Reaching forward he placed his finger to my lips. “Shhhh. Don’t speak until I tell you to.” He commanded then used the same finger to trail a line down between my chest passed my stomach.

Placing a hand on each thigh he parted my legs. With his right thumb, he pulled the skin back and exposed my hardened clitoris.

“Beautiful.” He said. Then he leaned in and blew. My pussy clinched up as tight as a boxer’s fist.

Making circular motions with his head, he alternated between blowing and licking – licking and blowing. When it came to satisfaction, Merlon was an oral connoisseur. Behind his beautiful physique, his tongue was his next biggest sin.

My hips moved counter clockwise hoping and praying that he wouldn’t tease me yet again by waiting until I got right to the brink and pulling away.

“Baby please don’t…” I began to beg.

He raised his head long enough to growl through clinched teeth, “What did I just tell you about speaking before I tell you too?”

I bit back and swallowed the, “…keep fucking with me like this”, portion of my sentence.

As punishment, he took my clit between his lips and sucked hard. Once again it hurt so good. I tried with all my might to pull away and run. His hands clamped down on my thighs and held me making me take it until I was forced to scream out, cursing him and taking the Lords name in vain all within the same breathe.

It hurt. It felt good. It hurt. It felt good. It hurt-so-fucking-good.

Finally he let go and took a few steps back with a satisfied grin on his face.

“Fuck you.” I spat.

“Ummm, I plan to.” He licked his lips. Then in one smooth motion he reached over and quickly lifted me from the edge of the pool sliding me right back down on his dick. Walking through the water while moving me up and down, we reached the three steps that we’d taken down into the water. Turning around he sat on the second step. Clasping my hands behind his neck, I placed my feet flat on the concrete and began to bounce on him like hydraulics on a candy colored 67 Impala.

I wanted to give payback for all the torture he’d put me through so I began to talk mucho shit. Merlon loved when I talked nasty to him. Not only did it make his dick get harder; it also made him cum quick.

“Nigga you can’t fuck. What’s with all this slow grinding bull shit you doing, huh? Is that’s all you know how to do, is to make love? Huh?” I looked him dead in his eyes with a sinister smirk on my face.

“When I want it soft and slow I’ll let you know.” I continued riding him hard and fast, putting on a rodeo show for the both of us. “Right now, I want you to give me all you got. Knock the bottom out.”

I really tried to convince myself that I was in control. And for a good three minutes I was. That was until he grabbed my hips and began to throw it back. Then once again my ass was in trouble.

“Is this what you wanted?” A grimace caused his forehead to wrinkle and he bit his bottom lip. “This how you want the dick?”

He met me stroke for stroke with us connecting in the middle.

“You missed this dick didn’t you? Mr. Big ain’t nothing like the real thang, is it baby?”

He I knew it would only take a matter of seconds before the fiery heat hit me yet again. But this time I begged him to go there with me.

“Baby, please cum for me.” I pled. I wanted our fireworks to explode at the same time.

“I – Might – Not – Want -To.” He growled trying with all his might to hold back.

I wasn’t havin’ it. I closed my eyes and used my squeezed my pussy muscles. With each thrust downward I clamped hard tightening my walls on the upstroke. As much as he tried, Merlon couldn’t hold on.

I felt the muscles in his thighs tighten at the same time that his hands held firmly around my waist. Once I knew he was too far gone to turn back, I gripped his dick and rocked my pussy against its base taking sadistic pleasure in hearing my name expelled over and over again. Merlon pulled me close and held me tight until his body stopped convulsing.

After it was over with we just sat there for a few minutes with him still inside of me both of us drenched in sweat. A good kind of sweat. As hot as it was outside, it damn sho’ didn’t come from the ninety-seven degrees.

Finally I got up and turned around then sat down on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and I leaned back against his chest.

“How fast did you cum just now with your eyes closed thinking about me feeling all this hardness up inside of you?” He simulated a grinding motion against my ass. “You look so beautiful when you’re cumming.” He added.

“What makes you so sure that I was thinking about you when I was cumming?” I teased. “How you know I wasn’t thinking about somebody else?”

“Cause I’m in here Anna Mae.” He faked like Ike Turner then reached around and grabbed my pussy, laughing.

I couldn’t help damn near falling forward over into the water laughing as well.

“Nah, for real. Come here baby.” He turned my body back around so I could straddle and face him.

Taking my arms he wrapped then around his neck then leaned forward and kissed the tip of my nose. “Did you miss me baby?” He asked with all sincerity.

“Have I ever not?” I smiled.

Life was a-o-k. I could retire Mr. Big for now.

Hurt So Good by Chloe Barksdale

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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