Hey Brother...

by Jhori Barksdale

Hey brother
Just here lately I've been wondering why a cool breeze
bumps my skin ever time you walk by.
Used to feel fiery heat ever time our eyes would meet,
making crimson red rush my head and bruise my cheeks
Now my insides starts to twist and I ball my fist
ever time you're in my midst
Why we gotta be like this
I mean when we kiss our lips meet but I feel no heat
Our skin intertwine as our bodies commence to bump and grind
but my mind is wondering off to a future time
with other things more important than what's going on right now
And I'm wondering just how…long before you're through
Cause I've got other things I would like to do
Other than be here faking it with you
Let's be real now and keep it true,
I'm a grown ass woman dog and so are you
You see its been a minute brotha since we were really into each other
A while since our intimacy as lovers went any further
than a few carefully chosen words
Between two people who are now strangers occasionally sexing one another
What at one time were passion filled words of,
"this shit is forever, I love you boo,"
at this moment, here and now,
stands only a fading memory of what once was
A fleeting retrospection of that boogie on Tuesday
can't get enough of you
ravaging my body on Thank God It's Friday,
Ooooh I missed you so much boo kind of love
Somewhere along the way you forgot to say and do
all the things you used to do
And I just got so tired of begging you
To be the man to me that you once were
You seemed to have figured that now that I got her,
I don't have to do it anymore
And so you commence to making me your committed to you
in a relationship kind of way personal whore
Is that all what I'm here for
No love and adoration comes my way from the person
that I used to so lovingly refer to as my man
My bestfriend, my heart, my left and right hand
My ride out partner, my ace, my boon and my coon-
Now our love thing is eternally doomed
And you have the nerve to point the finger
and put all the blame on me
Just because another brotha came along at the right time
and wanted to do all the things that you would no longer do
You need to take that finger of denial brotha
and point it right back at you
You see you got a little, no change that shit to a lot,
complacent and felt like I would never go….that I would always stay.
I got tired of walking around in circles,
bumping my head up against your stubborn got have it my way
….walls.  Always gotta do shit exactly as you say,
in the way that you say, or no damn way at all.
So after a while I felt you fall
Into a total oblivion of not understanding
nor even trying to hear me when I'd push to make myself heard
You didn't give a fuck about me or what I was feeling so when I spoke you
didn't bother to listen to one damn single word
I mean how long was I supposed to stay
and beg you to be the man I once knew
The one who used to do what he said he was going to do
and didn't quit the job of making his woman happy
until she was fully satisfied and then only then was he through
What happened to you boo
In all that intelligence of a strong black man's mind
Did I not make it perfectly clear what I needed from you
so you wouldn't run the risk of having to read between the lines
I know I did
And so no that I've realized that I have memorized and verbalized while
you've trivialized this speech a thousand times, a girls gotta do what a
girls gotta do
But in the end it leaves me to wonder if you will ever truly come to grips
with where you went wrong
I pray to God that some time, some where along the way
you'll come into enlightenment of how to love a real black woman
or you will forever find yourself alone….
but inevitably I'm pushing on and will continue to be strong…
taking refuge in the quest to find my heart another happy home.

Hey Brother... by Jhori Barksdale

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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