Call Center Chaos

by Chloe Barksdale



CHAPTER ONE – Captain Save A…..



            Pulling her Lexus into the lot, Charlita eyes scanned the premises for any familiar vehicles or faces for precaution purposes.  It had only been three years, but that was more than enough time for things to make a 180 degree change.  People came and went at Superior Telecommunications Software like the homeless at Grady Memorial Hospital.  They were there one day and gone the next.  Attendance was one of the company’s biggest issues, mainly due to the age of a lot of the employees.  Some were only just a few years out of high school having barely met the job experience requirements needed to perform their job functions, while others had been there so long that it would take death or forced retirement to get them out the door.  It was a mix of every walk of life at Superior which resulted in continuous chaos inside the multifunctional center on a daily basis.

Charlita sighed as she drove around the building performing a full perimeter scan.  She saw the usual collection of people standing near the back entrance of the building hovering around like chickens in a coop, smoking cigarettes while running their mouths.  She questioned just how many of them were in fact on break verses those that were riding the clock.   Two of them she immediately recognized and without a doubt, knew the answer. 

One was a manager, Keith Bolden who was one of biggest brown nosers that she’d ever met.  Every time you saw him he was somewhere shucking and jiving showing teeth.  The only thing missing was some black face paint, white shoe polish and a tube of red lipstick.  And standing right along with him sucking on a Black N Mild was a rep who she knew, but at the moment could not recall his name. 

As she passed, quite a few of the people standing outside turned and openly stared her way clearly curious as to who was inside the car as her windows were rather heavily tinted.

“I already knew coming in that this wasn’t going to be anywhere close to a breeze for me to whip this place in shape, but damn do I have my work cut out for me.”  She said to herself as she glanced back via her rearview mirror. 

The rep, whose name had now popped in her head as being Jason, had now actually stepped out into the parking lot and started waving for her to come back.  Even worse was the fact that the manager named Keith had edged his way onto the lot as well, entertaining the ignorance by laughing and egging him on. 

She shook her head.  One of the things at the very top of Charlita’s list of pet peeves was ignorant black folks.  It was right up there next to a whorish man with a playa playa mentality and trifling scandalous women who let their legs fly open like the doors at Macy’s during their annual end of summer white sale.  She had a laundry list of things that irked her, but those particular three she knew applied to this specific situation that she was entering into.

She had been brought back to Atlanta from her cushy job as operations manager for the collections department at the Miami location to straighten things out here.  She was now back in her home town – the ATL, as their Director of Center Operations.  She was no longer just in charge of one department as she now oversaw every aspect of the Atlanta center operations which included technicians, the customer service and collections department, which was a raging migraine all in itself.  As well, she had the orders team, Human Resources, and all the different processes that went along with them in order for things to run smoothly.  Not bad for a woman that wasn’t quite thirty yet, though she feared that it might mentally put more age on her than any one person should have to bear.

            Cornering the building, she drove back up to the front where she spotted the perfect parking space sliding her black LS 430 in between a burgundy Chrysler Pacifica and a black CLS550.  Her chocolate brown eyes immediately dropped down to the rims which cost seven thousand dollars alone.  They were AF211B3 three piece chrome and black Asanti’s covered with low profile Yokohoma tires. 

As a woman, she knew these small intricate details only because she’d checked out the same set when she had first purchased her Lexus a few months ago.  She hadn’t quite been able to force herself into pulling out the Amex to plop down the eight thousand in tires and rims after having just made such a large automobile purchase so instead she shaved about two grand off and settled for the AF122’s with the same tires instead.  She might have been a woman with style and class, holding a Masters in Computer Science with Bachelors in Telecommunications, but she would still always have a little hood in her no matter what. In her mind, it was all in how you only used it when deemed necessary.  The rims were her testament to her ability to be both a little ghetto and bourgeoisie at the same time.  The proper terms amongst her friends were ghettoogie.

Coming from Miami, where she’d just spent the last three years, you could be riding big in a brand new Bentley Coupe and yet in certain areas it meant shit if you didn’t have some banging ass wheels on it.  The same really held true for Atlanta; they were just as serious about the rims as they were the cars.  It basically meant, if you couldn’t afford the purse and the shoes, why pay three hundred for the outfit?

            Hmmm, I wonder who is driving that she thought as she pressed the button to retract the sunroof.  Even if she hadn’t assumed by the rims and tires, she’d made note of the Omega Psi Phi tag.  That could only mean that the owner was a brother. 

            As she stretched to retrieve her briefcase from the back seat, her eyes fell upon an unwelcome yet familiar figure.  Not a face, but yes a figure.  How could she not know who it was even from fifty feet away as they crossed the parking lot heading towards the side entrance on the other end of the building carrying a large Jason’s Deli bags?  It would probably caused a four alarm fire drill if Diamond Anderson ever decided to wear something to work that came below mid-thigh or that covered her humongous breast that never failed to spill from her shirt like food in a grocery cart on the first day of the month.

Charlita already knew that they were going to bump heads seeing as Diamond had been promoted to one of the collections managers not too long after she had moved down to Florida.  In Charlita’s opinion there was no way that Diamond should have ever been considered for any type management position.  She’d never done anything worthy of the promotion unless you wanted to call letting the operations manager, which at the time was a white man named Jeff Lazaki, dig her out in his office during her lunch breaks, a way of paying dues.  Only someone with the morals of a video vixen would allow a pale balding Professor Clump looking white man screw them on his desk while everyone watches your constant coming and goings in and out of his office on a daily basis.  

A bit of nausea rolled around in Charlita’s stomach.  She knew she could never do a white man.  In her mind she saw little pinkish red dicks with purple veins looking all shiny and wet like her dog King’s when he’d get in heat, back when she was a kid.  She remembered her and her cousin Gayla throwing hot water on him and the dog next door named Bingo, trying to get them unstuck. Yuck.

And that nasty skank probably put her mouth on him too, Charlita thought as her stomach did a squeeze and roll again. Damn you a nasty bitch, she thought about the deeds that Diamond probably performed on her lunch breaks in order to get her position.

Now Jeff had been recently fired due to his lack of competency in being able to handle such a large center, especially one that was 94% black.  For a while he had practically allowed the place to run itself.  It was a part of the reason that Charlita was now there, and Ms. Thing would soon be in for a rude awakening. 

The entertaining part of it all was that things were being done on the hush- hush.  The higher ups had agreed that Charlita should come in and blindside the center which over the years had acquired the negative moniker of being nicknamed the Pitfall Perimeter, as their building sat right behind Perimeter Mall.  The big wigs had determined it best to not make the announcement of her recent promotion just yet wanting to give her the opportunity of taking a few days to access the whole situation so that she’d have time to start planning her strategy.  She would arrive under the guise of assisting while they looked for a replacement for the Jeff – which she was there to handle also.                   

Charlita could only shake her head as Diamond tittered along on five inch clear stripper heels switching her ass from side to side like a pair of Delco windshield wiper blades.  Following close behind her watching her ass jiggle under the too short and way too tight skirt was one of the many men in the center who probably served as her every beck and call just to have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the twins.  When they reached the curb, he nearly tripped over the cement block that sat in front of one of the empty parking spaces as he was too busy looking at her walk and not watching where he was going.  Since he was carrying four cokes, there would have been some mad people waiting inside the job had he dropped them out on the concrete

            Charlie, as everyone called her, sat there for a second.  She raised her eyes upward of the roof of her car and commenced to say a short prayer.

“Precious Lord, I know not to question any decision that you make for me and yes, I know that I should consider this as a great opportunity; another one of your blessings which will give me the chance to show my strength once again in turning things around.”  She said then paused and shook her bowed head.  “But Lord Jesus, I know I’m going to have to be calling on you every hour on the hour because this ain’t nothing nice.  I just ask that you give me the strength and the patience that I don’t have to break my foot off in somebody’s ass up in here.  Amen.” 

Then she reached for her red Starbucks cup and opened the door wondering why she didn’t hear a theme song in her head.  As they said in I’m Gonna Get You Sucka, all good super heroes are supposed to have one 

I mean, she was about to go in here and start playing captain save a ho for Superior Telecommunications, right?


            Breezing into the front lobby, Charlie noted that the desk was unmanned.  There was a visitation log laid out on the counter, but security was nowhere in sight.  She walked over to the door and looked through the glass to her left to see if perhaps whoever that was supposed to be upfront may have simply ran to the bathroom and was possibly on their way back down the corridor. All she saw was people walking around.  Something told her to check her badge to see if it still worked.  The second she ran the card across the security pad, the red light changed to green and she heard the lock click. 

            She shook her head and rolled her eyes.  Unfuckingbelievable. No one except for the regular employees was supposed to have access to the building.  Then she had to remind herself of where she was again.  Security wasn’t top priority at the Pitfall even before she left so why should it be any different now? 

Assuring herself that there would be many more non surprising situations like that as time went on she headed down the right set of isles passing by the front set of offices where most of the administrative staff was housed.  None of the faces looked familiar and sadly enough, no one bothered to stop her and question her presence.  The looks that she did receive were that of who in the hell are you from the women, and who in the hell are you, from the men. 

Finally as she got half way to the back, someone actually opened their mouth to stop her.

“Um, baby you looking kinda lost.  Can I help you get to where you want to be?”  

If it wasn’t for the fact that God had blessed her with an over abundance of tits and ass that baggy jeans and a good sports bra couldn’t hide, plus the pretty delicate features, long curly lashes and soft voluptuous body, Charlie would have had a hard time determining if she was male or female.  Her hair was cut so close to her head that it was nearly bald; her bottom lip and right eye brow was pierced, and she wore an extra-large Roca A Wear T-shirt with oversized jeans that pooled around a fresh pair of ice blue suede Timberlands.  

“Thanks, but I know where I’m going.”  Charlie replied assessing her from head to toe.  “Today is Monday though, right?”  She asked.

“Yeah, it is. “ She looked directly into Charlie’s eyes and smiled after pushing a metal ball between her lips and sucking it back in; probably imaging having Charlie’s legs bent back behind her heads fully exposed doing all kinds of nasty shit to her with tongue ring. 

It made Charlie cringe, but she refused to look away. “That’s what I thought too.” She purposely did a slow sweep of the female.  “What’s your name?”  She asked realizing that the business casual dress code for the center must now consist of jeans on more days that just Friday.

“It’s Kim.  What’s yours?”

“Charlita. Nice to meet you Kim.”

“Nah baby, its nice meeting you.”  She started playing with the ball on her tongue ring again.   “I heard that they were supposed to have a new training class starting today but damn baby, I didn’t know they was gonna be doing it like this though.  I’m gonna have go down here to HR and tell them they picked some real stunnas to come work up in this pieces this time.”  She nearly had slob pooling at the corners of her mouth.  “You know where you’re going to be yet baby?  I’m in the collections department.  It ain’t nothing like you would think though.  We really don’t do shit for real, you just gotta make a few calls a day to keep the managers off your back, but that’s it.  Other than that I really just be chillin’.” 

“Oh really?  Is that right?”  Charlie did her best to not show her anger.  “Chillin’ huh?  I sure hope they put me in the collections department then.”  She said knowing that there was no way that she looked as if she was dressed to be sitting up in a training class.  “But I’ll have to catch up with you later. I was trying to run to the break room to grab some chips and something to drink right quick before I get back.”

“Gotcha. I understand that cause they do be trippin’ sometimes around here but if you need anything, I’m in cluster 16. My manager is Diamond Anderson.  She’s cool as a mutha fucka, so you should try to get on her team if they let you. But if you forget just ask anybody where I sit and they’ll be able to tell you.  Everybody knows me.”  She smiled looking like all she needed was some hot sauce and it would be on and poppin.

Charlie wanted to say I bet they do, but instead walked off feeling lustful eyes burning into her ass like lasers.

With every step taken Charlie accessed her surroundings.  Her emotions ran the gamut from shock, to anger, to total disgust.  She was in full disbelief of almost everything that she saw and it took all that she had not to start heads to rolling.  If she thought things were bad when she had left three years ago, she now questioned why the company had not chosen to shut the place down all together by now.  It was like animal house magnified ten times.  She saw nothing favorable at all that could give her a glimmer of hope that things were not as bad as they seemed. 

Music blared from not just radios on desk but people were also walking around with their IPODS as if they were working out at LA Fitness.  She saw employees sitting at their desk with headsets on with cell phones glued to the opposite ear. Others were hovering around in groups talking or taking their sweet time eating full lunch meals spread out on their desks like The International House of Pancakes.  And it wasn’t just the regular employees either because she’d passed by managers standing out on the floor shoving pizza in their mouth while talking to reps too.  As for the attire, she wasn’t sure if she was standing in the middle of a Fortune 500 company or waiting on line to inside Club Esso’s on Memorial Drive.

She’d almost reached her destination when she ran into of all people, Diamond.  Upon seeing Charlie, her face went through four transitions; surprise and bewilderment to full blown obvious jealousy and hatred.

            “Charlie?”  She paused her exaggerated strut carrying a salad in one hand holding a coke in the other.

            “Hello Diamond, how are you?’  Charlie spoke evenly with very little expression though the look on Diamond’s face was enough to make her want to bust out laughing.   It was apparent that Charlie was the last person that she expected, not to mention wanted to see.

“I’m good.”  She looked Charlie over taking in her professional business dress.  Her weight shifted from one foot to the other seeing as both her hands were full so she couldn’t pull at the hem of her tight black mini skirt.  If she had to administer her own hand test, she would need to send herself home immediately.

Charlie could tell that she wanted to ask why she was there, but basically already knew the answer to that with all things considered.  There was a thick silence between them.  Charlie loved every single second of it too.

Finally she asked, “Is Jeff’s old office still in the same spot?” She made sure to place special emphasis on the word old.  She knew that question would confirm for Diamond what was in her head.

“Yep, but I think it’s locked though.”

“Hmm, I guess I’ll have to get someone to come open it up then.  Who’s in charge of security around here anyway? There wasn’t anyone posted up front.”

“David the IT manager holds all the keys but I saw him leaving when I was coming back from lunch.  I’m not sure if he’s gone for the day or what though. ”

“He can’t be the only one around here with keys to everything.  That would be stupid, so who else has access to unlock all the conference rooms and security closets other than David?  This building is too large to only depend on a few people.  Who handles building maintenance as I’m sure that they have keys?”

“That would be Maria but she’s on vacation today and won’t be back until tomorrow.”  Diamond smirked.

“Uh and where is the security for the front?  That desk should never be unmanned.  Someone is supposed to be upfront at all times.  This is a 24 hour center.  Does someone not being there happen often?”

Diamond shrugged.  “I couldn’t tell you.  I very rarely come in that way.  My car is usually parked on the end next to the break room.”

Charlie found herself shaking her head again for the third time since she’d first driven up on the parking lot.  Anxiously chewing on the inside of her cheek she spun on her heels and walked off. It had all been a test of wills just to see where Diamond’s head was at.  She really didn’t need anyone to come unlock the office.  She’d spoken with David earlier that morning and he’d made sure that the office was accessible as he’d been the only one that knew she was coming in and had already made preparation for her arrival. 

Charlie went straight to her new temporary office.  The center was in such a chaotic state of mind that no one even saw her go in then closes the door.  Just as she’d requested, David had cleaned out the space and at her request, had provided additional cleaning supplies.  Though she was sure that he’d done a decent job, just the thought of what all had occurred in that office was enough to make her want to go over it again.  Maybe it was her imagination but she could swear that there was fishy coochie smells still permeating the air which was definitely not from her.

She did her best to force the thoughts of what could have possibly happened on top of the Executive style mahogany desk out of her mind as she sprayed and scrubbed.  The computer and keyboard had been completely removed because there was no way she was going to touch it, choosing to work from her laptop for the time being.  Ten flat screen monitors had been temporarily set up on the wall concealed behind the door. It displayed various areas of the building.  After the little bit that she’d already seen, she practically feared turning them on. 

Once she finished her cleaning, she plugged in her laptop first and then turned to flip the on switches for the monitors after which she just sat there in amazement and watched everything unfold.

CHAPTER TWO – Ain’t Nothing But The Dog In Me



Drayton sat quietly at the helm of the conference room table, accessing his sales team.  Mainly his eyes were glued to the thighs of one of his sales managers, Michelle Johnston.  It had been less than 72 hours ago that he’d had those same creamy thighs wrapped around his back squeezing him tight like a nut cracker although he had been the one doing the real cracking. 

He’d split that pussy open like a tangerine then used his dick like a human swivel stick making her cum so many times she eventually hopped up from the bed and ran in search of her asthma inhaler.  By that time everything down to her fitted sheet was on the floor including the night stand lamp and her cordless phone; the wall behind her headboard had red toenail polish scrape marks on it. 

In the midst of leaving her spot early Sunday Morning so that he could be at New Birth for the first service, two of her neighbors’ doors opened.  One was the guy who lived to her left named Patrick, who Drayton had learned a few weeks prior, was one of his frat brothers.  They’d met after Pat had seen the purple and gold plates surrounding the tag on Drayton’s Benz.  Numbers had been traded and plans were made to hang out soon. Patrick had simply opened his door and let off a few barks before closing it right back just wanting to give his frat props on putting it down yet again.

Then before Drayton could reach his car, Shannon, the neighbor whose door mirrored Michelle’s right across the hall, had suddenly found the urge to take her trash out, at 4:15 in the morning.  Drayton was so spent from the work out he’d just had with Michelle that he probably wouldn’t have noticed had she not purposely banged her garbage can against the steps railings to get his attention as she was coming down.  Even then he probably would have half glanced up but kept it moving except that she had on a pair of white lace boy short panties giving her a distinct camel toe in the front.  Then as she passed by, a blind man sitting in a car facing in the other direction on the other end of the complex could see that she had an ass like a beach ball that was just waiting to get popped. 

Under her cut off t-shirt she wore no bra so the cool night air forced her thick dark nipples to make tents of the white cotton material as her breast bounced every time her foot hit the pavement.  This little show forced Drayton to pause his hand on the door handle of his Benz as his dick did the Macarena.  She had thick chocolate shiny thighs like Serena Williams, toned and cut up like a track star.  She was definitely working with what he loved most – thighs, titties and a big ol’ ass.

            Once she’d realized that she had his attention, she pretended to drop something on the ground.  Drayton’s dick did a windmill inside his pants as he watched the lace material expand when she bent to pick it up, then fold deep into the crack of her ass as she stood.  He’d quickly looked up at Michelle’s window not sure if she was somewhere checking things out.  He almost didn’t really care except for the fact that even though Michelle knew that he was a dog; he still liked to keep everything in his life flowing as smooth as possible with drama to a very bare minimum.  His belief was that you could certainly get more pussy, but you had to do it in a way that you had the least amount of problems.  So instead of trying to holler right then, he got into his Benz and cranked the car up and waited a few seconds before slowly backing out of the space giving baby girl time to get out of eye sight of Michelle’s window.  Once he was sure they were out of seeing distance, he rolled up to her and smoothly let down his window.

            “Baby, I know all that show you just put on back there,” He motioned with his head, “was just for me because nobody comes out in their drawers at four in the morning just to take out some trash.  I see ya, so now tell me what’s up?  What’s your name lady?”

            “Shannon,” She didn’t hesitate stopping, obviously pleased that her little plan had worked just like she knew that it would.  “And yeah, you’re right it definitely was for you.  I been trying to catch up to you for a minute so when I heard you leaving, I wanted to make sure that I caught you this time.  I wasn’t about to take any chances running to find something to throw on first cause you probably would have been gone by then.”

“So you run outside in your panties with no bra on?”  He raised his eyebrows.  “O – K.” He said in a way to let her know that they both knew that she never had intentions of putting anything on. It was her plan all along to do exactly what she did wanting the precise results that she’d gotten. 

“Ummhmmm, cause I’ve wanted to get at you but you know other people were around if you know what I mean.”

            “Yes, I know what you mean.”  Drayton ran his tongue across his teeth then smiled flashing a pair of severely deep dimples on purpose.  “Well you definitely got my attention now, that’s for sure.  I ain’t gone lie baby girl, you’re one cold piece.”  He kept smiling.  “Don’t make sense for anybody to be that damn fine.  I know it might sound like a line, but I’m sure you’ve heard it more than enough times to feel me.”

“True that, but it’s always nice to hear it one more time.”

Drayton couldn’t keep himself from glancing down at the camel toe as they talked.

“You know you ain’t right for doing this shit.”  He said referring to her attire.  “If the police came right now they’d lock your ass up for indecent exposure.  Hell, they might even lock me up for the wild shit that I’m thinking right now.”  He said realizing that it was her pubic hair that he was looking at pushing through the lace of her panties.

“Ha. You are trippin’.”  She laughed purposely fucking with him even more by moving one of her legs a bit so that she stood wide and bowlegged giving Drayton an even better view from where he sat in his car.  He was tempted to reach out and touch but was afraid that it might snap at him.  That thang looked like it was biting for real.

“Oh, see now you want to play with a brother.  You ain’t stupid.  You know exactly what you’re doing but if that’s how you want to do this, okay.  We can.”  He laughed.  “But for real, you got thighs like a sprinter.  You run? Work out?”

“I do if you call dancing working out.  I just moved up here from Miami. I used to dance at Club Rolexx, but now I’m about to start dancing at Club Onyx.”

“Is that right?”  Drayton asked.  “Can you dance though?  You think I can get a private show?”

“Of course I can dance.”  She’d looked at him as if he’d asked could she recite her A,B,C’s.  “Didn’t I just tell you that I used to work at Club Rolexx? Baby you can’t work at the Lex if you ain’t got skills.  I was getting paid but came to the A for a change of scenery.  Shit be crazy down there sometime, too much shooting and killing happening. I wanted to get away from that madness for a while, though I heard the A ain’t really that much better.  I might go back who knows,” she shrugged her shoulders.  “But back to your last question – you know I ain’t got any problems giving you a private show Mr. Drayton.”

Hearing his name caused his brows to etch up on his face slightly.

“How is it that you know my name?”

            “How can I not know your name is the question I would expect you to be asking?”  She pursed her lips. “I mean that’s all I’ve been listening to off and on for the last three hours.”  She smirked knowingly since shit had gotten to be so loud across the hall from her that she’d been tempted to go knock on the door and ask if she could get in on some of the action.  The way ol’ girl had been screaming was enough to make her want to tag team his ass.  All she could think about was damn he must have been putting it down on that white girl by the way she was screaming and calling his name like he was the messiah himself.

            He wanted to say that he was ready to have her calling his name too.  He licked his lips imagining them wrapped around the thick nipples that were giving him a ten gun salute.  He looked down and dipped his head slightly to look in his driver side mirror wanting to make sure that Michelle hadn’t possibly snuck out to the parking lot.  Not wanting to take any chances, realizing that he was being bold sitting stopped there; he quickly passed her his business card out the window.

            “How well do you know Michelle?”  He questioned though he knew that he was still going to knock the bottom out regardless of the answer.

            “Not well enough to care, that much is for certain.”  Shannon replied blatantly.   She wanted to add, especially considering she was white, but instead she said, “Please believe that whatever goes on between us is our business.  Plus me and that woman have nothing in common therefore I don’t know her like that.  We’re just hey and bye whenever we see each other.”  She quickly discounted any questions of a friendship. 

One thing that Drayton had come to realize about women was that there was never a moment’s hesitation about fucking another woman’s man.  It had worked in his favor too many times. 

            “Good girl.”  Drayton winked. “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.  Call me later.”  He said as he pulled off.

            He refocused his attention back to what was going on in the conference room.  Michelle watched him as he looked between her legs.  Smiling, she continued with her Basic Instinct peep show.  She never wore panties, especially whenever she knew that Drayton would be around wishing to be ready for whatever that might jump off. 

Drayton had fucked Michelle in all kinds of places, in and away from the job.  She enjoyed coming into his office during the week to blow him off while he was on important conference calls, sometimes even with the CEO and VP of the company.  She also liked to strip down butt naked and spread eagle on his desk allowing him to use her as stress relief whenever things got to be a little too hectic. 

Drayton knew that Michelle had it bad for him.  He had been her introduction to black dick and from the first encounter, she had been turned out.  There was nothing that Michelle wouldn’t do for him but he’d always made it perfectly clear to her that what they had was nothing more than straight up fucking between two mature adults who could handle the situation without there being any problems.  She knew not to expect any preferential treatment at work for her services nor believe that their tryst would eventually lead to something.  Drayton had fucked with many white women before, but the fact that he could run over them like Astroturf was pretty much a turn off after while.  Unlike most of his male counterparts, Drayton loved the challenges that a sister provided. He took great pleasure in breaking them down to where they not only enjoyed, but loved catering to his every need.  He could honestly say that he’d broken some of the best.

Still Drayton couldn’t deny that Michelle’s sex game was the dabombdiggitybomb.  Whenever she called him, the name that popped up in his cell phone was Pussy Good.  Her shit was fire and her head game was super bad.  He was starting to believe that when it came to oral pleasure, the man upstairs must give preferential treatment to white chicks.  Black women gave it out sparingly and treated it as if they were presenting you with an expensive gift.  White women on the other hand wore that shit like a badge of honor.  Some started honing their skills in elementary, believing it was part of an internship that would guarantee major pay offs later in life. 

Michelle shifted in her seat crossing her legs then rolled over onto her right hip pressing her pussy lips together like a stack of lightly done pancakes.  This move caused him to again momentarily tune out the presentation that was being given and fold both his top and bottom lip in.  He shook his head and started tapping his Mont Blanc on the table.       Boy was he going to tear that ass up when they got back to the office. He started to imagine the different ways that he was going to contort her body as punishment for the lil’ show that she was putting on.  She liked it rough and that was exactly how he was going to give it to her.  By the time she left out of his office her little skirt suit was going to be hiding all kinds of red marks and palm prints.

His eyes moved up to give her the look to let her know precisely what he was thinking when something outside the conference room glass walls grabbed his attention.  They walked by so fast that he only had a good five seconds of viewing time, but what he saw was enough to almost tempt him into getting up from his leather captain’s chair to walk outside the conference room mid-presentation.  Instead he turned his wrist over and looked at the time on his diamond faced Gucci watch followed by clearing his throat looking directly at Sean Peterson, his Area Sales Manager as a cue that he needed to hurry and wrap things up. There was no way that Drayton was going to be able to give undivided attention now that his mind was already working on another mission.  He diverted his eyes back to Michelle who had a little smirk on her face, probably sure that her performance was the reason behind his anxiousness.  His intentions were to tell her to head on back to the office, but that he had something he needed to take care of first and would be not too far behind.

The meeting came to a hard stop thirty minutes later.  While everyone milled around talking, Drayton quickly exited through the sliding doors that lead to the coffee station.  He’d gotten a few feet down the isle when Michelle caught him.

“Dray, wait.”  She rushed up to him.

He paused shoving one of his hands down in his pocket jingling his keys with impatience.


“Where are you going?”  She spoke low as people started walking towards them.  “I thought we had a lunch appointment to discuss the FMD (Fuck Me Daddy) account.” 

“We do.  Nothing has changed.  But I need to speak with David first, so let me go catch him before he leaves.  This is only going to take a few minutes.  I’m right behind you.”  He quickly dismissed.

Michelle had been dealing with Drayton long enough to know that for some reason he was trying to rush her off, but also knew not to question him.  The last time she had tried he had punished her by not giving up the dick for two weeks.  She’d practically begged him in tears.

“Ok.”  Was all she said instead turning and heading for the front exit.  She was tempted to go grab her things then pretend like she was aiming for the bathroom which was in the same direction that he was heading, but knew better.  She didn’t want to tick him off then have to suffer the consequences later.

Drayton continued in search of the white linen pant suit, with the shocking red camisole   He roamed through out the entire building top to bottom, becoming frustrated by the minute as he came up short.  What was worse was that David was no where in sight and had not answered his calls.  He would be the only person that he knew he could discretely inquire as to who it was that he was looking for. 

After an hour of milling around for no reason, he finally got in his Benz and left.  Backing out of his parking spot, he noticed a black Lexus with nice rims parked two places over from him.  The plates registered Florida, but the vanity tag read THCKPCH, which Drayton surmised to mean Thick Peach.  Only a sister would have a tag like that.  The Yellow Jacket’s chrome encasement tag threw him off slightly but something told him that the person that he’d just been looking for was the owner of the black Lexus.  As soon as he got back to the office he was going to start making some serious inquires.

CHAPTER THREE  Nothing But the Dog In Me



Drayton was sitting midways of the four tables that had been pushed together inside the Dugan’s on Flat Shoals in Decatur.  As usual he was holding court during the radio advertised Monday Night Football with the Que’s gathering, giving blow by blows of his weekend of what he and his boys like to call, pussy tales.  Combined him and his frat were taking up at least thirty seats and were the main crowd drawer, especially for the ladies, on Monday nights if not more so than the actually watching of the games.

“Dog I’m telling you, baby was so fine she almost had me saying fuck a meeting.  I probably would have got up and gone looking for her if Michelle hadn’t been sitting right there trying to entice a brother.  Sometimes I swear she must got something on me the way I be feigning for it. ” Drayton reached for the pitcher of beer in the middle of the table and began to refill his mug, shaking his head in the process.  “It’s like anytime she’s near, that pussy is like a magnet and my dick is made out of metal.  I can’t stay away even if I want to.”

“Dray you dick tripping?”  Patrick, who was Michelle’s neighbor laughed.  They’d finally hooked up and were out kicking it with a slew of their br’uhs.  “I’ve been living next door to Michelle for almost a year ain’t never even looked at her cross ways let alone thought about getting with her.  I just couldn’t do it dog.”  Patrick shook his head.  “Don’t get me wrong, she’s a cute lil’ white chick and all, but the key word is white.  Ain’t got a lick of ass,” He stuck his tongue out and made a lapping motion. “And I do mean lick.”  All the boys joined in with agreement.

 “That’s why I have to pay homage to my black sisters.”  Patrick raised his mug of beer at a table full of women over Drayton’s shoulders.

“The size of her ass ain’t what’s keeping me coming back P.  It’s that snapper that’s got me hooked.”  Drayton returned.  “That and the fact her throat is like a canyon..  Make me feel like I’m dipping my dick into a bottomless pit.”

“Man, forget that.  I still won’t even want to deal with the looks I know you’re getting from the sisters.”  Patrick shook his head. “That in itself is enough to make me say hands off.  Touch down.” He suddenly jumped up and started doing the cabbage patch.

They all followed suit pausing their conversation just long enough to watch the replay of T.O. high stepping it into the in zone.

Once they went to a commercial things quieted down some and Drayton resumed he conversations.

“See that’s where you’re assuming.”  He pointed at his boy.  “All me and Michelle do is fuck.  I don’t take her out anywhere.  The most we’ve been out in public alone is maybe to lunch on our way back from seeing a client, and that doesn’t count cause it’s during working hours.  After five o’clock ain’t nothing unless it involves fucking.”

“Seems like to me, the way you talking about her and how good the pussy is, it won’t be too long before you’re showcasing her like a new set of rims though, for real.”  One of his other frat’s that they called Sir Mix – A - Lot added his two cents worth.  “So gone and keep it real with us. We’re your boys.  Gone and tell the truth – you slipping dog?”  He laughed. 

“Nah. You got Mr. Goodbar.”  He referred to his line name.  “Twisted.  Never that!  I ain’t slipped up with a sister, so you know I ain’t gone do it with any other.  This heart is made of steel.” Drayton bragged beating his chest.  “

“Say that now.”  Patrick stated.  “But we gonna see what your tune is when she starts tripping and wanting more.  All women do.”

“Even more so because she’s a white woman.”  Another one of his boys added.  “Man, you better watch it.  I’m telling you don’t sleep on her.  She’s prone to pull a Glenn Close on your ass and the next thing you know your Benz is on fire in your driveway.  I wouldn’t keep fucking with her if you know you ain’t trying to get serious.  You think sisters crazy – keep on doing what you doing with your girl and you gonna really see what crazy is.” 

“Dog I know but I keep saying that I’m going to cut it off, but damn you that you just don’t know.  My pink toe is a bona fide freak.  When you go home man, Google that shit for real and see if her damn face pops up?”

Eventually they moved past Drayton’s sexcapades on to other things such as the progression of the game and how Terrell Owens was handling the Falcon’s defense like little league players.  When half time finally rolled around Dugan’s was off the hinges.  Between the oversized crowd and DJ Man keeping the place live with his steady club like beats, people had taken liberty to get up from their tables and dance as if they were up in the Velvet Room on a Saturday Night. 

Drayton who had been checking out every fine woman in the place lining up his plays like a chess game, found this as prime time to start making his moves.  He was on his way back from the men’s room about to take a detour to a table full of women when his personal cell vibrated on his hip.  He paused as he looked down at the unfamiliar number and frowned. 

“Talk to me.”  He popped open the flip eyes zero’d in on a dark brown sister who had the coloring and facial features of Gabrielle Union, with large wide set eyes, smooth dark coffee bean skin, a bright smile and two dimples deep enough to shame the devil.  The nastiness in him took over briefly and he wondered if she was the type to let him fill those dimples with something thick and hot.  All he needed now was for her to get up and go the ladies room so that his assessment would be complete.  He’d been watching her since not too long after he’d gotten there and she’d become number one on his hit list.

“Hey you.”  A female’s sultry voice giggled on the other end.  “How are you doing?”  She asked.

“I’m fine.  How are you doing?”  Drayton frowned at both the tired and lame greeting he’d gotten, plus him not knowing who it was on the other end. 

“I’m a hell of a lot better now that I’m talking to you.”

Drayton couldn’t help chuckling at how who ever it was came off as trying too hard to sound sultry and enticing, yet the fact that the number and the voice was not familiar to him quickly peeked his interest.  He didn’t want to give it away though, so he kept on talking.

“Is that right?  So what’s been up with you?”

“Not much since the last time we spoke.  Just trying to maintain, that’s about it.  Wishing that I could see you again though.”

“When you want to see me baby, I might feel like playing Santa Clause and can come make your dreams come true.”

“Where are you?  It sounds like you’re at a club?” 

“Out with my boys, watching the game.”

“Oh really? Where at?  Me and my home girl just left this spot off Wesley Chapel over in Decatur, but it was kind of weak, so we were thinking about going to Barnacles out by Stonecrest to watch the second half and get us some more drinks?  If you’re near by we might stop in where you are.  Then I can see that sexy body of yours again.”

Drayton was really curious know as to who he was talking to.  He tried to recall all the different women who it might be, but kept coming up blank.  It had to be someone new whose number he didn’t have saved in his phone, but then that meant it could be any number of people since he’d given his card out at least ten time over the past four days.  He was real tempted to break down and ask who it was he just couldn’t give his game up like that, so assuming that she had to have been bad as hell for him to give her his number, he divulged his location.

“That’s right around the corner.  We’re on our way and should be there in about fifteen minutes.”

Just as Drayton was ending his call, Patrick swooped in and scooted a chair over next to baby who he’d had intentions on getting at.  He wasn’t sure, but he was almost for certain that she glanced over at him and held his stare for a few seconds that was just long enough to let him know that yeah, she’d noticed him.  Then she broke into a smile and returned her attention to Rodney, who must have been saying some good shit because every one of her girls at the table broke into fits of laughter. 

Out of the five, four of them were attractive with two being extremely pretty, including the one that Drayton had, had his eyes on who he classified as gorgeous.  He could have gone and hollered at the other pretty one but that would have been settling, which he never did. If he couldn’t have the one that he wanted, he would rather not fuck with any one of them at all. 

Then he realigned his margin of thinking.  Maybe if he hollered at the friend, he could fuck the one that he really wanted later on. A smile quickly cascaded across his face to which he started making his way towards the table.

Call Center Chaos by Chloe Barksdale

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