Two Five

by J. Griot

You love me just for me
And you know this means a lot
I remember hanging out 
With Stacey, Duane, and Scott
Driving 'round the block,
We would contemplate the seeds we would make
But never on the wives we would take
I don't remember the date,
But I remember the place,
We looked across a crowded room
And saw each other's face
And just in case the snakes were watching,
I told them,
Be aware,
Just to let y'all know,
That's me right over there
And I didn't know I'd care the way I did,
Or I do;
The life I'm living now 
Is a life I never knew
And all praise is due to Allah for the Blessing
Someone who understands 
And holds my hand without exceptions
And now we study Lessons from Master Fard,
And learned from Farrakhan 
To give birth to a god,
And see throught the smog 
By turning on the Light
I've got a help-meet 
To  help me do what's right
I love my life,
I love my wife,
I love my daughter and my son;
My wife and I are on this journey 
To unite as one
And we've only just begun
There's so much to discover
The Black man needs a wife
And not a baby's mother

Two Five by J. Griot

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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