Too Many

(Inspired by Thoughts of Bubbles)

by J. Griot

There are too many deaths,
Too many first wrong steps,
Too many last breaths,
Too many mothers wept...

Too many slept, 
Too many evil men crept,
Too many star in gangs
Just to get a rep;
I can't explain it
Too many questions 
Without the answers,
Too many Black people 
With prostate and colon cancer
I'm watching dancers
Too many have sold souls,
Too many hutslers dying
But none of them getting old
The world is cold
Too many stories are told
Where the moral of the story 
Is the ice you can hold;
I broke the mold
Too many hold onto an image,
Too many rookies on the field
Couldn't win in a scrimmage
Too many minutes,
And too many hours 
Too many people are cowards
Deaf, dumb, and blind
Too many don't know the fact
That the Black man's god
And even Jesus was Black
Too many traps,
Too many fake thugs without knowledge,
Too many bourgeois Blacks 
Mis-educated in college;
Know the ledge
Too many soldiers are dead,
Too many revolutionaries 
With blunts in their heads
Too many sweat hot lead,
Too many need to be lead
Down a path that's PEACE
Too many missed what I've said

But did you hear?

Too Many (Inspired by Thoughts of Bubbles) by J. Griot

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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