Tell-lie-Vision Freestyle, 1995

by J. Griot

Watching the O.J. trial
It didn't make me smile
I see the Black man sitting there
Looking kind of scared,
Got the grey in his hair
I didn't used to see before
It's kind of messed up
What they got in store?
Will they try to hang my man?
They might as well,
Because they've killed the man
In the newspaper,
Meanning the media,
It's unbelievabale
The way they're going on with this thing,
They make him look so bad
He used to be my hero,
Now he's like zero
He just wears a frown,
I don't see a smile;
He ain't showing teeth
In prison,
They don't feed him beef
So he's losing weight,
Thems da breaks
Come on Brother,
You know I'm still on your side
I hope God is your guide
I hope you didn't do the things
They're saying that you did
Because I know a little kid
Who will respect you
If you didn't do it,
And he's gonna feel bad if you did;
Like his dad did the crime,
Because you were his hero;
A Black man to respect,
But now he feels like zero
Just like you do sitting on the bench
Like you're not in the line up
And now I want to tear it up
All these papers that I read,
Making my heart bleed
Looking at this Black man that's on trial
I can't smile
It's always on my mind;
The evidence they find
It's looking kind of bad...
But, maybe it was a set up...
Check it out,
I wouldn't even doubt
If the government would do something like that
Because before to us Blacks
They did do it,
And they're still doing it
It's got to quit;
All we want's respect
If they don't give it,
Then we'll take it...

Because time for the Judgement

Tell-lie-Vision Freestyle, 1995 by J. Griot

© Copyright 1995. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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