Nights Like This...

by J. Griot

Nights like this
I wish that rain drops would fall,
But he only thing that falls is tears
It appears that my peers out here
Don't see things clear
And they just can't hear what I'm saying
But they're begging
And they're praying
Right down on their knees
Together in a chorus
Crying, "Please! Please! Please!
Ease the pain!
Wash away my stains!"
They're falling through the cracks
Or becoming insane
Now I've obtained many Blessings,
But this ain't a confession
Of the dirt that I did in the past
And how I'm over that
'Cause I'm still Black
I've got to watch my back
It's a struggle everyday
To stay on the path
When the tears start to fall
It's like a spiritual bath;
Like walking in the rain
In the middle of the night;
Like walking in the dark
Until you find some light
And it's a fight to hold them back,
But the rain hides all
So on nights like this,
I wish that rain drops would fall

Nights Like This... by J. Griot

© Copyright 1995. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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