The Lost Sheep

by J. Griot

All these sheep that I see need a shepherd
To lead the flock without a glock is mad pressure
A lesser man, in his hand would have a gat
But all I have are books and a fist that's Black
So I attack
But some of these crabs in the stack
Want to smile in my face and put a knife in my back
But these fools are slow and my mind works faster
They're mad at me because I won't obey their master
Revolutionaries don't need guns
Take the chains from your brains and you'll shine like sun
My only weapon is a pen
I'm writing powerful rhymes
With a gun you can only kill one at a time
I've got an audience
I refer to the masses
The knuckleheads acting spastic
It's a tragic situation to my eye
But look to the east and the sun will rise
Because the sheep that I see need a shepherd
The Lost Sheep

But because I express what was once suppressed
I guess some people have a problem with that
The way I react when I'm under attack
But when you're Black
It's a fact, you've got to watch your back
The devil wants you brainwashed, complacent and fat
Imagine that!
If I ruled the world, boy and girls would grow up strong
With a knowledge of self and be themselves
No amount of wealth could buy their minds
Like Koby Bry -
But if you believe you could fly, man, wouldn't you try?
People cry and dry their eyes
They wear a disguise
Like a mask of plaster
They don't love self
They're in love with their master
In this fenced in pasture you can find the flock
And underneath wool coats you'll find gats and glocks
And some say, "Just stop!"
But it's not that easy
You annoint with oil
But you wind up greasy
Cause the peasy headed man in this world is oppressed
that's why I express what was once surpressed
All these sheep that I see need a shepard
The Lost Sheep

The Lost Sheep by J. Griot

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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