Inauguration Blues (Artistic Responsibility)

by J. Griot

All I really want to do is voice my opinion
Everyone has their own;
Every one isn't shown
Grown folks moan and don't listen to the youth
The youth ain't grown
Because the youth like to shoot
And some think it's cute 
To be a pimp for the drama;
It's round like a cycle,
Like a pimp pimped your mama
I'ma tell it like it is
I'ma handle my biz;
Knowledge maifested 
Like How to Eat to Live
So I speak no ryhme from a swine filled mind
That doesn't understand 
This dispensation of time
Your life's on the line
It's a cold inauguration;
This guy justifies Black asassinations
Mass hesitation;
There's a snake in the bushes
Somewhere over the rainbow,
A Black baby pushes

So who do you write for?
And what do you write for?

If knowledge is the key,
Why is it hung from a chain?
We've all got pain
But we've got no gains so far
My son was born, 
I called him a star;
We are two black males in a crazy world
Then came my girl,
Bright like sunshine;
I named her after a queen warrior,
And sometimes I think back to that man I was
Damn, I hated that dude;
My own self I love
I'll eat a turkey sub,
If the bird's halal
I'm walking to the Hereafter 
Like my name was Bilal
But it's hard to smile on ghetto streets
Because the people that you meet be mad as hell;
And it's hard to do good 
When you're not doing well
So some sell their souls;
Some rent them out
All my people overstand what I'm talking about
And it makes me want to shout,
But I'll scare my babies
And it's gonna be hard enough when they grow up;
A process, 
Not an event
So my time's spent building for the children,
Killing devils by millions;
Cold blooded reptilians,
Like snakes in the bushes
And I pray that the bush burns to the ground
So my babies can live in a snake free world;
Meanning that I write for my boy and my girl

But who do you write for?
And what do you write for?

Inauguration Blues (Artistic Responsibility) by J. Griot

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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