Achievement in the Highest Manner

by J. Griot

Achievement in the highest manner
Young emcees make me flip
Like my name was Bruce Banner
You can keep the glamour
It really don't appease me;
A scholar in the game
Like my name was Marv Levy
It's never easy 
To gain a crown or a title
You must first ascertain 
The right method of survival
On my arrival,
I stand and represent
Find a chink in the armor,
In the shield make a dent
And I invent 
New rhymes on the dailey;
Touch your soul to the roots 
Like my name was Alex Haley
Haley Berry used to be in my dreams,
'Til I realized 
Every Black woman is a queen
So I keep it clean, 
And represent like a king
I keep it right,
And know that real is everything
I don't sing,
I do my thing and manifest poetry
And offer comentary
On our everyday society
Like the snakes in the bushes
And of course the economy,
And then I ask
Why's it got to be
The Black man 
On the low end of the totem pole
Still coming through,
How we do with the soul
So hold.
I got your back
Gats want to clap;
It's us against the world
So we'll stand back to back
And it's a fact 
That you and I equals Self
I'm pulling dust books 
All off of the shelf
Hotness to make you melt
Feel the welts from the belt;
How it felt 
When I came like your pops
And I delt
Pure punishment
Serving justice for us
Believing in the self,
Like in God we trust

That's achievement in the highest manner...

Achievement In The Highest Manner by J. Griot

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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