Our Country

by Clifford Jeudy

images of a man's agony flash across my computer screen
not even in horror pictures have i heard such fearful screams
white man beheaded
this is a nightmare
the anti American dream
his mouth seemed to mutter hell no
as his head dangled
from a real killers hand
shouts of Allah u Akbar
heard over and over again
where was Bush then
if he wouldn't look out for a white man
imagine if it was a black man...
young American teens dying everyday
and the president lies
to the people every day
and we wonder why the Arabs pissed
a lot of Muslims died over weapons of mass destruction
that didn't even exist
and i should i vote
but I live Florida so they might let me vote
or worse i hit the polls
and they don't even count my vote
government breaking their own laws
and they liberate Iraq from Saddam
so Iraqis can vote
and they stealing my right
if i ever believed in this country
i might have been ashamed
about what happened last election day
i might have been disappointed
was bush elected
or was he was appointed
our country built on money and lies
they knock down the towers
then say it's OK to fly
i watch the news with my third eye
so i can decipher codes
and to try to figure out what's fact and what are lies
shouldn't one American kid
have died for Saddam's oil
and the twin towers should never have touched the soil
should never have been reduced to rubble
presidents are owned by corporations
I'm starting to see the enemy we're facing
our country was built on deceit and lies
is that why i can still hear that man's screams and cries
it that why every day a young American dies
our country where people still go to bed with hunger pains
our country should be ashamed
our country where cops kill Africans
our country where we deny rights to Mexicans
out country
is it that land of liberty
or the land that brings misery 

Our Country by Clifford Jeudy

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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