My Love

by Cry Out

my love is the moonlit streets 
where people meet 
and talk of sweeter days 
and the sunlights rays 
shine at another intersection of time.

my love is the love of solomon for makeda 
that produced the new ethiopian nation 
and motivates generations 
to aspire and inquire 
of queens and dreams 
of years spent in the arms of Africa.

my love is the freedom felt when my name was called 
and i walked away from life three times over in a prison cell
and i touched a tree cause it was reality and my tears fell 
and nourished the grass that lay underneath my feet.

my love is your eyes as they look at me in that special way... 
my body language is sway, 
as i ride the vibe vibrant and alive 
strong enough to survive 
the blues of seperation 
or the elation of adoration 
at your seeming infatuation of i.

my love is the milk that flows from the breasts of life, 
struggle and strife, 
german chocolate cake at mama's house 
while the children run in and out... 
till night falls and peace and quiet returns.

my love is the sun and the moon, 
the stars that fill the milky way, 
today and yesterday, 
alpha and omega 
oh Allah you made me, 
black woman you shine in my eyes, 
in life i found love and a thousand deaths 
cannot make me forget...forever.      

My Love by Cry Out

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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