The Yellow Kitchen

by Jeanine Wilson

Oh my! The smell of Great Grandmas Cha Cha filled the air, 

Oh my my my, grandfather told me to get out of his rocking chair,

Oh my, the floors need a scrubbin....get your bucket and pillow and off you go...
these floors cant be dirty you know!

Oh Lord! I need more jars go to the basement Jeanine! 
Don't you drop or break one single thing!

Oh my, my, my, collards a cooking, and my corn bread is turning brown.....
maybe I can sit on down....for a minute...not too long....
great-grandma has to make sure everyone is fed, 
put to bed, combed heads......... BIBLE read...prayers said...
Now I lay me down to sleep 
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
and if I die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul he'll take.....

Oh my, my, my

The Yellow Kitchen by Jeanine Wilson

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