Wilted Flowers

by Jeanine Gail Wilson

Love you Jeanine 
Before you are nothing
Letting life take away
Your sanity
Love yourself Jeanine
Before you are nothing
Will get the best of thee
For you see
Jeanine the dic feen
Jeanine was once a dic feen
In and out inside of me 
Robbing me of my purity, 
My dignity my sanity, 
my liberty, 
my creativity, 
my soul, 
my name, 
my mere being, 
my new beginning, 
my everything
Love yourself Jeanine before
You are nothing, 
For life as it seems a only a reelection of what a 
White man sees
Telling you that those thigh, 
those naps, 
those curls, 
those tits, 
those legs, 
are all 
Large to be loved 
Appreciated, licked, kissed touched, wanted. 
You are a perfect reflection of God's image
She made you to be respected not neglected

Misused abused, told lies, cried eyes, dicmatized, hurt from within
For you yourself your losing, not because of sin but men

Love you Jeanine
Before you are nothing,
Before you are nothing,
Will take thee
Be aware of the devils snare
Royal blue eyes and blond hair

Love you Jeanine before you are nothing 
Wasted dreams it seem on love at first sight, 
getting married twice, kids and baby showers
Are all wilting like cut flowers?
Love you damn it 

Wilted Flowers by Jeanine Gail Wilson

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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