Grandpa's Backyard

by Jeanine Wilson

It was always a place where I found refuge,

a place where no one could harm me

a place where I could be free!

It was a place where apples dance on to of nuts and berries grew on vines, staining the concrete

It was a place where grandma hung clothes, and children rode.........bikes, around and around 

until it was time for bed....

It was a place where we played Hide go get em, peek a boo, and house....Im momma, your daddy.....

It was the place where we made tents, and decorated the sidewalk, 
with chalk, and got switches, when we we bad, taking down britches......

It was home, It was the hood, fells good to say its the hood, Detroit , 
the hood, my home as good as any home, my back yard was a place of salvation and peace.....
safe from the streets, my grandpas back yard.....was home.

Grandpa's Backyard by Jeanine Wilson

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