Back in the Dayz

by Jeanine Gail Wilson

Sweet breeze pushes past my legs and her
Our smiles big wondering what thoughts were in her mind, I searched mine
Remembering the days when run D.M.C. taught u how to walk this way 
Ll Cool J's posters, im bad and everyone had 
Jeri curls, girls and boys 
Check yes check no if you love me so 
Those were the days
My youth so innocent , so sheltered
So unknowing pure
I watched out the corner of my eye as she raced me for a minute 
I thought I heard her say, you are catching up with me, how is that 
Catching up with her, I wish 
I wish I were able to take this swing and begin 
To revert back to those days where granny sent us to school with good food
Grits biscuits and homemade preserves,
When Lanna Dunner always got on my nerves
I wish my mind could take me back to when I had a crush on 
Arthur Raven
When I'd sit all alone and wish while singing lady in red 

Then kiss me on my head as I drifted off to bed 
Not forgetting to cover my head 
so that the jerry juice wouldn't fuck up the sheets
I was waken in my mind back to reality, by my niece
I'm an auntie
Im a role model
Wow, how did this happen
Now on the swings with my niece thinking about Run D.M.C.
and sweet memories, Im here again 

My childhood, it is still here

This poem was inspired by my niece Daryn. I just had a minor accident. 
Although I was okay, my spirit was broken. A child can change a lot 
of things in your life and instead of crying, whining and feeling sad 
I thanked God for my niece's presence and took to enjoying her for the day. 
So we walked to the park and at the park these thoughts were generated...

Back in the Dayz by Jeanine Gail Wilson

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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