Power of Ten

by Jeanarre M. Davis

 Are there dates showing solid proof?
Are there witnesses and petitions 
Somewhere begging and pleading for enough?
Are there court orders and signs leading to the end?
Is there anything demanding cease and desist?

Is it only you?
Yes…simply…it’s you.

You stand here yet live in a revolving world. 
The past changes. 
While the rest of us stay the same?  
This… leads you to wonder and to doubt.
This… leads you to think that the world is against you.
This… leads you to ache in the pit of you stomach
And causes you to stay where you feel safe and throws 
The rest of us into unknown corners of emptiness.

One was there, only you saw
Two came so quickly while I stayed puzzled on the previous 
You had already moved on to Three.  We moved. 
Number Four reared around and Five took its time.  Caught in between.  Review everything.
Six.  Move again.  Six returned.  Seven passed by so briefly 
I’m still not sure if Seven ever was.  
Eight stayed past it’s welcome.  
Nine is a definite certainty, reminds you of Three.
Then there’s Ten.  Perhaps my favorite. 
Unexplainable of why, maybe the last, to you however…
Ten’s the strongest. 

It’s only time and time again that it takes me.
Backs me in till I have no choice but acknowledge them.
Match up faces and dates to what you have memorized.
So much information, details, descriptions.
It never lessens, only gets more involved
With what you say.
Into what you know, and believe. 
It’s real if you say and want it enough.
So they have manifested into reality.
One though Ten exist.  They survive.  
They come around sparingly.
Only to regain life that you give to them so freely.
I’ve begged of you, ugly pleading that has left me nowhere.
I’ve built up a wall to not care
About them living anywhere
Yet your ten is becoming greater than just me.

Power of Ten by Jeanarre M. Davis

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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