Hey Girlfriend

by Jeanarre M. Davis

 Hey girlfriend,
Let me tell you that itís okay
Iíve been there
Right where 
Youíre standing at now
So my point of view
Is no less than first class 
Of what youíre going through

You say that youíre cold
Well Iíve been cold 
And used electric heaters too weak 
Had to double and triple up on wool sweaters
And pray to catch even a small wave of heat

And Iíve turned on the stove
And boiled water for tea
Tried to let the warmth fill me 
Only on the inside
While the hot crept through the room
Which was only a prayer if someone found a match
And had the luck for a spark to catch

You say that thereís no light
Well Iíve had my share of darkened days
A thousand candles can only illuminate so much
The light of hope let me know
The hard road ahead wasnít so tough

Yes Iíve been still
Only listening to the quiet sounds
Paranoid in the stillness surrounding me
Trying to estimated the time once again
Death would be blessedly welcomed

You say youíre isolated
Well Iíve been shut out
Alone and lonely 
Full of desperation
Tried to convince myself of the logical explanation

And Iíve been there talking with no one
The real people I know but cannot hear me
Role-playing conversations in my mind
Predicting advice and jokes for hours at a time

Iíve been weak and hungry
Malnutritional and financial
But the lessons I learned through lifeís trials 
Are priceless
And life has taught me through many miles

Iíve learned the craft
Preparing meals for four
Out of mere pocket change
Fasts that still have me amazed

So listen girlfriend
Trust me when I say that I have cried
And just like you 
I too
Prayed and hoped and even tried to lie to myself
To convince myself that tomorrow the nightmare
I had to be in would cease
But not even in disbelief
Was I that naive
To let my mind conceive
The fact that 
I could change the situation
I was facing
Without doing anything at all


I pulled my shoulders back and stood tall
I pushed up my sleeves
Worked hard
Prayed harder
Tried till I could go on no longer
Then found the strength
Became stronger
And went on
And now I continue
Just as I know you do

Hey Girlfriend by Jeanarre M. Davis

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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