More Flies With Honey

by John D. Evans

Within all beings, there lies the potential for both good and bad behavior; at any given moment, we have the capacity, as well as the choice, to be either good or bad. While good behavior and positive energy are beautiful, bad behavior and negative energy are ugly. The old saying, “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” is also true for humans: The kinder we are to people and the more respectful and caring that we are, the more responsive and respectful others are likely to be in return. There is power in goodness because it opens the door for more goodness and positive energy to flow.

Our innate goodness is a source of strength, energy, and power that we must no longer surrender to or transform into ugliness. When we are good, it shows. It pleases all that is good. When we are good, others see it. Good is considerate. Good is kind. Good is helpful. Good is forgiving. Good is fair. Good is honest. Good smiles and means it. Good inspires more good. It is imperative that we transform our bad into good. We can live without many things, but we cannot survive one minute without goodness in our lives.

There is nothing wrong with goodness, the process of being good, or living the life called good. Good people have positive spirits and proactively do and say beautiful things. We should be ashamed to be ugly in attitude, language, or behavior. It should take a lot for us to allow ugliness to surface. There are enough people in the world who are doing and saying ugly things for the beautiful among us to join in. We must muse – we must inspire. There is more than enough ugliness – the world needs more of our beauty, more of our goodness.

More Flies With Honey by John D. Evans

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