The Validity of Poetry

by John D. Evans

Poetry is valid to all men, women, boys, and girls because it is directly linked to productivity, progress, and overall health. Our mental, physical, and spiritual beauty is our personal poetry. Poetry is the beauty of all things; therefore, it must be present everywhere and within all beings. Poetry is essential for the sustenance of life because without beauty, we could no longer exist to be. In order for us to fully understand ourselves, we must acknowledge and cherish poetry. We must appreciate life and, in order to do so, we must acknowledge the importance, the vitality, and the validity of poetry.

Poetry is valid in countless ways and they all must be explored. When we rise in the morning, we experience poetry because another day is a good thing, a beautiful thing, and blessed thing it is poetry. When we speak and grace a floor, we release our poetry of sound and motion, respectively. More than our music lyrics and rhymed and unrhymed lines, poetry is the actualization of beauty. Poetry is the revelation of beauty. Poetry is the sustenance of beauty. Poetry is the essence of beauty. We are surrounded by poetry and we would be lost in a world of darkness without it.

Poetry is the music of life whether it is a poem, a song, a dance, or a smile everything that inspires us is a form of music, poetry. We must no longer be remiss of the importance and omnipresence of poetry in our daily lives. Poetry surrounds us and must never be cast to the side or overlooked. We must welcome and honor poetry. We have a responsibility to exercise our beauty, to showcase our poetry, to become poets, agents of beauty. An understanding of the validity of poetry is critical to shaping lives, communities, nations, and our world for the better.

The Validity of Poetry by John D. Evans

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