Quiet Strength

by John D. Evans

I got out of the bed mourning

The news I heard was dim

I almost started crying

But I just held it in


I made my way to the shower

Listened to the news replay

Ever watchful of the hour

I prepared for the day


January 31, 2006


One more time in my ear

I could no longer do it

It became so clear

I could see it


The miles she must have walked

The tears started streaming

The many lessons taught

By Coretta Scott King


A child during the Depression

Cast to the side by society

A soloist and musician

Blessed multiplicity


A student of music and education

Prejudice showed an ugly face

She became determination

And marched with grace


To the one-room Crossroads School

Coretta would walk the miles

A love for learning was true

 I can see Lincoln High


An incubator of love and hope

Allowed Coretta to shine

A trumpet and a piano

To her was sublime


A muse of music was evident from the start

A music and education major at Antioch

The second time the college had a Scott

Graduated and found a way blocked


A soloist, she stood before crowds elegantly

A teacher with a voice graced the stand

At Second Baptist Church, she’d sing

A soldier molded by a mighty hand


A voice so gentle and sweet, I hear it ring

Scholarship did not cover everything

At the New England Conservatory

Where she met the Rev. Dr. King


A fight for civil rights was not new

Alabama was home to destiny

The impossible became true

I can hear walking feet


A wife in ’53 and mother in ‘55

The Kings lived in danger

The fight was alive

So was anger


A bombed blasted the home

Thank God they were safe

Muses are never alone

Only saved by grace


A partner she was in her pride

A love for her family strong

Her poetry couldn’t hide

She carried each song



A boycott against the status quo

Changed the course of time

Paved a way for her to go

High, she would climb


A partner at her husband’s side

They traveled to dark places

Passion, she couldn’t hide

Loving all human races


With a humble spirit, spoke

Standing tall with pride

A solider for civil folk

Many nights, cried


Her husband was taken away in ‘68

Her heart pierced by the sting

The march couldn’t wait

Led by Coretta King


Fifty thousand people through Tennessee

Marched until they opened the door

Justice for all shall someday be

And hope for people, poor


An international advocate for peace

On the global stage, she preached

Go ahead and receive increase

 Coretta King we did meet

Quiet Strength by John D. Evans

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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