In Loving Memory of Mr. Marcellus James Daniel

by John D. Evans

On the Occasion of Losing Another Child to a Senseless Act of Violence

It has been said many times by countless people that the time has come for senseless acts of violence against our youth to cease, but this message seems to be falling on deaf ears. Are we preaching to the choir when we say that the killing must stop? Are we wasting time and energy trying to get the message across to those who need it the most? When we see children fall at the hands of someone who fails to value life, someone who fails to appreciate life, someone who fails to realize the potential of life, we are witnessing and experiencing a reality that must not be. No longer can we say that it was meant to be when a child is beaten, shot, killed, and left to rot. No longer can we say that it was their time. No longer can we say that it was destined or predetermined that they crossed the path of a bullet or a bully that would bring an end to their physical presence on Earth. The senseless acts of violence that continue to plague our communities surely must end.

This morning, I attended the funeral service for a 15-year old young man who dreamed of attending college and who planned to use his athletic ability to become a professional athlete. He excelled in football and basketball and was known for his quiet demeanor. His life was just beginning. Too many of our young people are suffering at the hands of people who are lost and who need help. Our youth are trying to make it; they are trying to survive, to stay alive, and careless people full of ill will are cutting their days short. This is not a new phenomenon. This is not an isolated incident. While the killing of our young people, whether we admit it or not, has become commonplace, the mothers, fathers, family and friends of those who are taken from us too soon, will never get used to the loss. We can speak until there are no more words left to say, but the question remains, what can we do? What can we do to transform the hearts, minds, and spirits of those who seek to harm, to kill, and to destroy? We must become agents of change.

The young people who have fallen at the hands of the perpetuators of senseless acts of violence are in a better place. They are reborn and now reside in a place where they no longer have to worry about looking over their shoulders. They donít have to duck for cover or fear the dark. They donít have to fight or be afraid any longer, but they can now enjoy eternal peace. While I celebrate their transition to a better place, I look to those who remain. Our youth must realize the importance and value of life and save as many as possible from the grips and strongholds of those who fail to do so. I look for the responsible adults among us to be teachers and role models. Life is a classroom. As long as we are living inhabitants of this Earth, we have a responsibility to lead and to teach. We all know someone who can benefit from words of encouragement and support. We all know someone who is on the verge of doing something to endanger their lives or the lives of others. Let us not only speak about bringing an end to senseless acts of violence but also let us roll up our sleeves and do what we can to bring the matricide to an end.

Marcellus James Daniel

In Loving Memory of Mr. Marcellus James Daniel by John D. Evans

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