The Impossible Will

by John D. Evans

Come if you will

Stay if you will

Believe if you will

Say what you will

But when you do, I will

Show you a mighty Will

The impossible Will


Born Willard Christopher

A Smith, surrounded by love

In the ticker of sweet Philly

A star shined from above


An actor, comedian, musician

Philanthropist, entrepreneur, I see

A multi-talented chameleon muse

With global luminosity


A middle-class family raised him

Protected him from ˘the streets÷

A hard-working father of four

Owned his own company


Everyone in the house was cool

Including the second star, so bright

He went from Prince to Fresh Prince

Once he heard RapperĂs Delight


Influenced by Eddie Murphy

And Grandmaster Flash

With his friend, Jazzy Jeff

Fame would come at last




A dream in his heart

Made M.I.T. wait

The pursuit of his genius

Could no longer be delayed


From Where the Days Take You

To Made in America were

Six Degrees of Separation

From the Bad Boys that were in store


He is Will


Already a muse of music

He will act you

Independence Day was an epic

Showing what more he could do


The colorful one in Men in Black

Who delightfully seasoned the screen

Later, became Enemy of the State

Wild Wild West was among his themes


He picked up a golf stick

And caddied for Bagger Vance

Then his greatest show of all

Showcased the Ali dance




You would think that he was a robot

A cop in 2035

Since he later became a fish

Who found ways to stay alive


His success continued to soar

He shined without a hitch

So awesome is he

A man no one can miss

So come if you Will

Stay if you Will

Believe what you will

Say what you will

But when you do, I will

Show you a mighty Will


His name is Will

Will Smith

The impossible Will

The Impossible Will by John D. Evans

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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