A Cry From Heaven

by John D. Evans

We live in a place called heaven and hell. All over the world, anywhere dreams are being born, any place where emotions may be, there is heaven and hell. More than the spatial incubator that houses one’s legacy, but heaven and hell are the mental, physical, and spiritual conditions and experiences of our daily lives. While beauty, peace, and love create states of heaven, spiritual ugliness, chaos, and discord create states of hell. Heaven and hell are not only destination spots for our spiritual selves, but they are ever-present incubators of the mind, body, and spirit.

We create heaven by transforming hell. Mental anguish and frustration are mental states of hell, while peace of mind is heaven. Slavery and torture are physical states of hell, while food, clothing, and shelter are heaven. Hatred, greed, and disrespect are spiritual states of hell, while love, music, and harmony are states of heaven. Heaven and hell are physical, mental, and spiritual incubators that span the globe. We, the whole of humanity, hold the key to transforming hell and, thereby, creating Hea ven on Earth.

The creation of Heaven on Earth is possible, but in a more peaceful and beautiful world, we must believe. Create it now. Create it now. Create it now. Heaven on Earth is no far-fetched dream, but in many places, a reality. No longer a distant scene, but beauty, today, may be seen. Transformation begins within. Our minds need the peace of heaven. Our bodies need the sustenance of heaven. Our spirits need the inspiration of heaven. Hell only breaks us down. The creation of Heaven on Earth is neces sary. We will please all that is good.

A Cry From Heaven by John D. Evans

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