by Jdaniels

That first glance, heated… That first smile, that greeting… That first spark, so true… Were all the feelings that I felt, when I first felt you… A connection, so deep.. so real, so intense, Oceans couldn’t stop its flow, Been loving you every since... And the eagerness to touch, wanting you so much… I reached up in space, Though you were far away, I could still touch you, could caress your face… There was a smile upon your lips… Shining brightly, directed towards me, My reality lost its grip, I felt lost, lost In my love for you, lost inside my need… And our happy knew no bounds, Kindred spirits dancing in joy, For the special love we had found… Yet still real told us truth, we were still far away… Covenanting the feelings of loves youth, Yet waiting for our day… Then time became our enemy, The distance was too much… Too hard to keep the hope alive, When we couldn’t even touch… Our happy then became our pain, Unable to shorten the girth… Our spirits lost immortality, Our flow which crossed the earth… That’s when your love me for became, A weight you couldn’t bear… That’s when I reached my hand to you, And you weren’t even there… And then we had to end the dream, Reality couldn’t deny… That’s when we had to close the book, And had to say, goodbye… I'm black, I'm proud, I'm a writer, in a word, I am blessed....

Untitled by Jdaniels

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