A Minute Man

by Jdaniels

Complement or insult? Itís funny how you may have to work so hard to distinquish the two, and yet still fail miserably. Like how do we as men really want to be viewed? Donít we all want women to find us attractive, sexy, desirable? But as we get older we may find there is a odd feeling that comes with it. Itís like you think, yes, I'm a bachelor, single, can be a playboy for as long as I want and have the ladies swooning over me and making me feel like da man, but then there comes the revelation, how do women REALLY see me? Am I someone they can picture having a relationship with? Or am I just the minute man?

Mainly this feeling may hit you if you have allowed yourself to became the married womens sidekick dick. The thing is, whereas women who mess around with married men are understood if they feel rejection or the iím just being used feeling on holidays or when the sunday night dinners are going down, you know the poor little mistress thing? Yes we UNDERSTAND their pain. Whereas brothas arenít giving that same sense of being understood. You arenít suppose to complain, you are suppose to be glad for your freedom, glad you arenít weighed down with a wife and kids, glad you only see the ladies at their very best physically. Yeah youíre suppose to feel like youíre da man, and men arenít suppose to crave a commitment, thatís for ladies only, right?

Isnít it odd how we have all, men and women, allowed ourselves to be put in molds as to what we should feel and what we should not when it comes to the opposite sex. As adults we tell kids to not allow themselves to be pulled along by peer pressure, to be your own person. But in reality, how unique are WE as adults? And do we brothas really have to wait until we mature, meaning until we reach 40 sumpiní before we stop caring whether our other male friends think weíre da man or not, but rather, whether we are individually behaving as men.

Compliment of insult? I guess the truth is being the other man, can be just as insulting and foul as sistahs being the other woman. Because it still makes you a momentary thing, a deletion of your self-worth, or just a minute man.

A Minute Man by Jdaniels

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