Invisible Fences

by JDaniels

The poles are all around us, blanketing us
with its protective bars, holding back the
four winds of anger… Telling us we have
Jah as our ‘guard’ to ward our souls from
Yet these fences that are unseen by the
human eye, can be felt everywhere
touching us deeply, combing us with it’s
rueful stare…

Invisible they are, still if we seek to move
outside of them we are stung with pains of
oppression…flames of reality fired up with
burning expressions…
Those on the outside, are they better off
then we? Can they look inside a crystal ball
and see what we can’t see?
Are we blinded by our fences while the
outside ones run free?
Are we the ones held down, by the one
who rules the world? The dark angel
known as Satan cracking a wicked smile
and watching with glee as on it’s axel the
circle turns…
Waiting for the anger of Jehovah to crush
the wicked, to loose our fences and
swallow up our oppressors…
Hoping that we can hold out long enough
till the Almighty puts out the hateful
flames, and until the arch angel Michael
chains the one who rules the world…the
one we need not mention, the one standing
over us, while we go on, living in our
invisible fences…

Invisible Fences by JDaniels

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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