Another Route

by Jdaniels

Today something unusual happened in my life..

It changed the way I think and feel,

and what I thought was right..

See normally while walking home I take 25th and 3rd..

The easiest and the fastest route to get to the suburbs..

But today I thought i’ll take it slow and go for a short stroll..

So I took the route by Highland Park, out there near Maples road..

Unbeknown to me I walk right thru that dreaded part of town..

By those people in who live in the hood that nobody wants around..

I U-turned and made quick my steps to go the other way..

No one will catch me in this dump nope..nada..not today!

"Those project rejects should get a job, stop dragging down our race,"
 I mumbled as I walked along disgust itched on my face.

Then took me by surprise..

A chocolate dredlocked ghetto angel appeared before my eyes..

Halt there my child there’s something that the Lord wants you to see..

for knowledge of your people’s pain well help you feel their grief..

You see the young men on the streets, and holding up the wall..

you think they’re worthless animals, when that’s not true at all..

You see your sistahs with five kids each one a different dad..

you think she’s easy and just fast but please don’t be so rash..

The angel took me to a house a roach infested dorm..

where mom, four kids and a little mouse kept shelter from life storms..

She told me the mom worked two jobs..could barely make ends meet..

While she was busy gathering scraps her boys was in the streets..

The little girl would keep the house and warm up tv meals..

she never played with little dolls she babysat for real..

See mom couldn’t afford to pay for one, and daddy wasn’t there..

The role-models for her sons carried guns and no one seemed to care..

Now you wonder and you think about, what will their future be?..

Children learn and emulate from what they hear and see..

That no good thug boy on the wall, you thought was just a dog?..

just wants a chance to stand real tall just like the rest of yall..

That welfare mom with multi kids that you figured was just trash?..

Is searching for a anecdote and for a love that last..

So check yourself and think before you judge your brethren so..

These are the things that our Lord God believed that you should know..

The angel disappear like smoke left me shaking with fear..

I thought about all I had seen as my eyes filled with tears..

The lesson that I learned from this completely changed my heart..

and now I search for I can have a part..

So If the negative fills your soul..if you look at your people with doubt..

When you start on your way home..just take another route..

Another Route by Jdaniels

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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