Deception (Mr. Innocent)

by Jashaddah

 Your voice was like music to my ears,
 and that Haitian accent was all I needed to hear.
 You had me hooked as if you were fresh uncut cocaine
 but never did I imagine I would later endure so much pain.
 You mesmerized me, had me researching your culture,
 your people, and the things you like to do
 I have to admit I was fascinated by you.
 The way you look the way you walk,
 the way you spoke that Creole talk.
 You made love to me like no man has done before,
 but never did I imagine I was just your concubine,
 your filthy little whore.
 I thought this was it and this was truely meant to be,
 not knowing that you was just making a mocare' of me.
 I thought these feelings we shared would last long,
 now I realize I was just breaking up a happy home.
 I'm sitting here tripping because I don't understand
 how come I didn't see the signs that you are a married man?
 I'm so confused and it hurts cause I never been
 through anything like this before,
 but I have no one to blame but me because even after I found out
 I chose to continue to be your whore.
 Now I'm here by myself, and all alone and where are you?
 With your wife and children comfortably chillin at home.
 I have sunk to my lowest and committed my worse sin,
 but in this game of love we live and we learn
 and I vow to never go through this again.

Deception (Mr. Innocent) by Jashaddah

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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