by Jahdess

I choose to 
say yes to you tonight because
before I met you,
chaos and strife
ruled my atmosphere!

Now, you're here
and peace greets me
with soft kisses
on a non-tossed, sleep filled bed!

It's amazing 
how one person can open you
to feelings,
and experiences, that your mind has craved
for the eternity that fills your dreams.

Where once... a touch
evoked anger,
and caused my heart to recoil
and hide behind its shield of...
"I don't cares!"

Now, just the memory 
of your touch and my heart
beats, until my mind
is filled with the beautiful
light of euphoria.

Yes, I choose to say Yes!
Hoping that what I feel
does not show through my eyes...
hoping that the hue on my skin...this glow...
is not evident to you!
And, as my lips form the "y"
that will ripple through my eternity,
I remember my past disappointments
and, fear clutches my heart
and squeezes...until I have to turn my back...
to catch my breath.

Please do not view this 
turning away negatively,
all it says is "I need you to SEE me!"
If I don't turn away,
I fear that you will see the "I love you"
in my eyes, and,
your reaction might devastate
the yet fragile me,
and, reluctantly I might give up
on ever feeling again.

So? Wrap your arms around me...
pull me close to you...
kiss my neck.
Listen to the subtle way
that my breath hammers out
its whispers of the love that is yours,
as I lay my head back on your shoulder
and accept your strength!

YES! by Jahdess

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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