h The Dance

The Dance

by Jahdess

I had been forewarned
by others who were touched by his ferver...
had been told that the tonally unsound,
was made to sing beautiful tunes
under his guiding hands.
It was even mentioned 
that I would not be the same
after our meeting...

So, my trepidation and anxiety
was not suspect....
but my excitement was!
I could not wait to dance
to any tune he would play...secretly,
hoping for a love song.

Ready? I gasped as he entered the stage!
His fingers touch me...
slightly emitting a giddy squeal
that's almost frightening!
Then, he digs into my flesh
and slightly tickles my seams...
thereby causing a cacophony of bells
to screech as I bellow a deep guttural sound
that is all me.

His shy caresses 
turn to clear advances
that turn me on and, 
as I tune everything else out
I dance under the beat
of the pad of his digits...
causing me to undulate rhythimically.
It's like he knows me...
knows where to touch
to cause me to "C" his "A"
that seduces the "G" spot
of my essence.
As my hips sway beneath his hands
I float to distant lands...
loudly pronouncing to the world
that I've found my savior.

It's no longer a dance...
he bangs me
raw, hard, unrelenting....
I scream out my orgasmic rage....
then, he exits the stage,
and only the resonating sound
of my melancholy remains.

Having been touched before
I did not anticipate
the panic his departure would cause.
Being forewarned,
did not prepare me 
for this barrage of emotions
that the memory of his fingers would elicit.

The lights dim,
and center stage
I wish I could screech
my RAGE of having
been raped by practiced hands!...
Center stage...only the tingling
remains as I realize
that my keys have been branded
by the fingers of the one man
who could make me forget
that I was but an instrument
used to entertain a crowd!

When he touched me?
The crowds vanished.....
and we were the only two who existed.
He touched me, and for that brief moment
I wished that I was not enslaved
by this wooden casing................
that you call a PIANO!

The Dance by Jahdess

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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