Practical Love!

by Jahdess

Why should my heart palpitate
 everytime I see him?
This love shit ain't the coolest
 I'm living off no ones whims.
Desire will not make me Purrrrr
 No matter what the delight!
What can we do for each other
 after a heated night?
Can you talk my soul into security?
Can you make these tingly feelings the majority?
Or, like your "thickness" will this
love shit be the minority?
See? I'm practical.
I know these feeling won't last.
Just check out my past!
The bed was hot.....
conversation? was not!
When I need to be held,
 will you be there...
  or will you sense the emotion 
   and retreat in fear?
My body's not the only highway you can find...
 let me give you a compass, 
  and see if you can navigate my mind!
Shit, you probably won't find....
 your way back....but let's try!
I don't mind...
 a love high......
  that heady euphoria...
   that builds on the hope in ya!
That hope that makes you think...
 it will all be okay,.......
....but that shit is only for today!
I want tomorrow, and the days after that....
 this love shit strikes out,
  every time it's up to bat!
Handle my visions..... my inner child.....
.......visit my emotional abyss,
maybe you can stay a while.
Check out my rivers of thought....
...flowing freely through meadows of ability.
See if you can swim across my poetic oceans. 
I'd like to check out your......
......mental agility!
Traverse my deserts of pain...
..drink cool waters when there is no rain.
 that my body... just the beginning of the fantasy....
......take a trip into my mind...
 you'll see....
  that this love shit? 
...ain't all it's cracked up to be!
Give me the practical stuff,
 that shit that stays close 
    when the days get tough!
Yes, like every other woman...
 I sometimes like it rough!
   but do you think you have 
    what it takes to make it last?
Think fast! 

Practical Love! by Jahdess

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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