My "Have Mercy"...

by Jahdess

I have something good at home, 
That sexy nubian skinned Lion who blows my mind. 
I don't have to look any further, 
my bed is filled with moans and back scratches, 
sweet lipped caresses and more. 
My head is filled with wisdom learned through the years, 
a soft voice that is almost a caress...
yeah, I got something damn good at home. 
So, no thank you Mr. Thinks he's fly...I'll past. 
Cause I've got something that's built to last, and last and last. 
Whew! Damn! There is sugar in my honey pot.... 

I lay my head on his chest, his arms hold me close 
and I dream of galaxies and rivers, of infinity and the creator. 
The man makes me smile in the middle of the day for no reason. 
Just start grinning from ear to ear...just like that! 
He is my best friend, my confidant, my body twirker, orgasm starter. 
Bedroom master, my body worker, baby maker. 

I can't wait to get home. 
Fiend to hear his voice on the phone. 
His smile alone makes me moist, I just want to jump his bones... 
...everytime I see him. 
He teases me early in the morning, 
his nakedness stands in the mirror brushing his teeth. 
I wish he would brush mine with that chocolate. 
I crave his sweetness, happy to lapp at his seas... 
He makes me weak in the knees. 
Has a sister cooking in the middle of the night for him. 

Hey what ever it takes. 
I'll cook, I'll clean, fuck him when he wants to get fucked, 
come and go as he says. 
Will bake brownies in the buff with lemon drops hanging from my ears 
for his tasting pleasure, whatever, whenever, only for him. 

My man, my sweet man. 
Yes, I'm happy, I can't front. 

He's my song at midnight, my warm blanket... 
My "I gots to have it"...... 
My "have mercy", ladies you know what I mean! 
Fellas? I bless the creator for you! 

My "Have Mercy"... by Jahdess

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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