by Jade

im looking back and seeing things....
it seems as though my poetry foreshadowed the shit
you just made me feel
"Please" is what im saying.
stop wait a minute think about it!

why lie
why assume
why act unaware
damn i wanna say ur name but even in your acts
of total disrespect toward me i still fucking care for u
loving u fully no disrespect
so ill call u out as the sun god
and hope its obvious to those readin my text

shockingly love stabbed me right in my aorta
and the blood is pouring so unromantically
damn i am a victim CONSTANTLY
loved u
 my 'man' 
im not gonna do it anymore
im respectin a boy as a man when he's pushing me to the floor
and realistically he's just a boy
who has not yet realized im worth his all.
but i see now my purpose my NIA my goal
no longer can i wait hoping ull call
my sun god u have failed me 
            ive cried ive tried so now im moving on
not thinking of me u act
like a typical uneducated humiliating whore 
in ur words in ur actions u express so much selfishness
everything and everyBODY u do
is because YOU want to 
no force-i dont feel it
just you guided by your irrelevance

do you see yourself fallin cause i do
dont try to pose like you got knowledge
cause boy you r AT
       NOT in school
         u r not where u should be 
physically yeah
mentally not really
sex drugs and anger R not gonna allow u to succeed
weed hoes niggas
the three most deadly things  
they are killing you harshly
and u cant breath 
sadly u dont even see it
im not waiting anymore
go do ur thing
when ur ready for real life
real love and real things
you know where i live
on that street in that house under that poet tree. 

Untitled by Jade

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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