Keep Cool

by Jade

Like Marcus Garvey's poem says: keep cool, keep cool.

Im trying to breathe easy
and not let the current state of the enemy phase me
but dammit i cant breathe
Bush wants war with his outside enemy
fuck external war we got war right here in my community.

Act like it doesn't exist.....
when war breaks out minorities go first

n o b o d y g i v e s a f u c k a b o u t US

lack of voter registration
OR is that just in my community?
Martin, Malcolm assasinated so now we just wear fitted hats
chill cool relax and pump JAy Z drink henney smoke weed and bleed
no revolution too scared to fight
we got drugs to sell
hoes to pimp diseases to distribute and kids to fuck up
so many to kill and jails to fill
we are failing our ancestors our predecessors our struggles our purpose
PUNK ASS NIGGaS stand up
stop losing sight of all the Rosas and Harriets
unity is so short lived in our area
death, poverty, sex, drugs flourish
we even kill our own.

quit telling me to keep cool Mr Government
you told me if i supported u you would fix this shit
lies upon lies upon lies bullshit
im here alone nobody supported
every image is distorted
im tired of the false success,
real failure and evident hypocrisy...
too tired today to look u bitch ass liars in the face and smile

quit saying this too will pass sister
u betrayed us when u let go of the reality
and started accepting campaign promises
and false missions as real gifts
and im not gonna abide by all the fucked up lies
u r trying to put inside as u ride the rollercoaster
of the man who chained enslaved and murdered in the name of liberty

im done with that tactic quiet never gets heard
Stop, Breathe

the shit is still here
alive not ceasing to exist
sniper shooting randomly
police have no clue what the motives could be
 or maybe they just wont say...who knows

our attitudes currently are that corrupt
is the way things have always and will continue to be

we have more power than we realize
so we get harrassed
our entire season
 then die
 where is the love?
 stop accepting all the shit you have been
 start questioning....


Damn i see everything so much clearer now.
This world, even in its most positive aspects
is still the motherfucking worst.

Keep Cool, Keep Cool.

Keep Cool by Jade

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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