Dreams of Infidelity

by Jackie Williams

To: Time of Old A heart mourning grievously from a forbidden ordeal With the survival potential of a sub-tropical orchid Blossoming in the month of a winter chill A passion...a taboo…in and of itself There is no market A relationship leading to an ultimate death A yearning so strong...it's unreasonable Orchid's blossom...tabooed encounter All in all....both are unseasonable Born in a time when temperatures are extreme Survival of the fittest...both dares only to dream. An ache...centered in the depths of a soul A passion burning deeply...yet oh! So cold! Tattooed on its essence...it cries to the Almighty Why did you not lead me from this temptation? Now alone to reap the pains of a deserted spirit It can feel the hurt...but still yields to it In the darkness of the mind where dreams take place And in the beating of the heart Where so much is at stake A broken seal on this can of worms Would not be considered very smart Dreams of infidelity…where passions squirm

Dreams of Infidelity by Jackie Williams

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