Current State

by Jackie Willams

A world that runs on confusion
An economy based on greed
A power struggle 
Between the classes
Only one will win
The haves versus the masses.

Children run rampant through the streets
A parent not in sight
Paramount in our homes
No one there to share the Light
Women are selling their virtue
Men are women.....women are men
Cops are robbers...and good is bad
So much many are sad.
For our current state....who did sin?

Single parent households prevail
Poverty aplenty...diseases... pray tell
Global warming...polluting the seas
Thinning the forests......destroying the trees
Deadly arsenals and terrorists....we fear
Braced for the hand of a peer
Just as confused as the rest in this game
Bound for annihilation....everyone to blame.

Riches beyond the wildest of dreams
Lavish luxuries....for members.....of the cream
Unheard suffering goes unnoticed
Ignorance.....devoid longings........silent screams.
The wealth of this world
Escapes the hands of the poor
While technology rushes our time
Confusion and ignorance......bars up the door
From whence our desires and dreams do chime.

Spinning in confusion
A world that's torn apart
Wars and famine in the land
People with broken hearts.
Sinking into darkness
The spirit of the place
We slip and fall 
And then we cry.....Oh Lord!!! 
Trying to make our case.

Same sex bonding.....
Religious fondling
Ravenous appetites
Uncontrollable greed
Prisons consume our daughters and sons
Children ruling unwisely spent
How did we get into this mess.....Man, are we so bent? 
On save the whales ..protect the seals
But to each other....we won't appeal
Isolate yourself...fall for the con
With dark polluted hearts and loaded guns.

Governments tell us one thing
Politicians tell us another
The system works for everything
Some preachers tell us 'Brother, 
We've come too far to turn back now
We're almost in the Promised Land'
Visually inspected...our hearts show holes
That expose our very essence...even our souls
While our appetites yearn for silver and gold.
Materialism is the theme that sings
Melodies of joy to our hearts....."Hail to the king"
Get out of this bondage....before it is too late
Failure to act prolongs our current state.

Current State by Jackie Willams

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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