by IQue

In a word I wanna get into ya head
Like sex in bed, let me introduce me to you
A text message for ya mind, in rhyme
Physically ya fine, from in front n behind
In profile or in shadow
Wit stock in Jello, ya could patent that wiggle
I wonder bout the ride in that saddle
In a battle of the sexes, men against women
Not bein misogynistic, Iím talkin bout a contest
A conquest, you enactin the deed
Iím leadin ya on a chase
Word sex to replace talkin trash
Ass grabbin, peer pressure, peek a boo dresses
Hands full, eyeballs flashin
Mentally stashin, all my cookies in ya basket
So letís have a conversation
Most combatants have gimmie on lock
Actin like Pac, tellin ya what they want
I wanna know what ya think, not what ya drink
How ya feel, Iím tryin to find out whatís real
To you what appeals, Iím listenin cool, calm n collected
Like a mind meld, we are spiritually, mentally connected
Sexually without bein infected, ya canít get STDís
Havin mind sex, talkin word sex
Thereís no hex, no need to be vexed
Itís a Mexican stand off, as we get our rocks off
Wit my eyes wide shut, itís like havin no clothes on
Like astral travel, spiritual not physical
Without the complications, no baby makin
Risk takin, mistake breakin head shots
Bottled pop, we dance til we drop
We donít have to stop, itís a mental exchange
Without the fluid exchange
In the process, we both gain without bein drained
Maintainin a relationship, distance is of no consequence
Aint a problem, like a v/m connects, contact
We are havin sex in a word Game
Stakin claim on a universal plane, always in the fast lane
Visually, mentally a thesaurus, a litany, a chorus
Encyclopedic, comprehensively a resource reference
Like a guide book, a fair exchange aint no robbery
Probably possibly slippin slidin
Wit time enough for Love, I will fear no evil
Donít be sidetracked by other aspects
Immersed in our Universe
In the panorama of this mind state
Thereís no reason not to participate
Thereís a lot of food on this plate
Partake, in here there are no mistakes
When ya awake, thereís always more ways, dates
To exotic places n spaces
No coitus interruptus, the intercourse in congress
Thereís no stress addressin bein connected
Like a good novel, itís all suggestion
Like flirtin under water, itís always special
Word sex is just a dress rehearsal for this mental exposure
Hereís to the proposal, open sesame
To dispersal wit no reversal
This kind of Love has no rival in spirituality, personally
Word sex is a mental concept, letís get undressed.

Wordsex by IQue

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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