Truth Be Told

by IQue

The truth or a lie, how to survive
Goods n service, accept or deny
For services rendered, hereís whatís tendered
Surrenderin to temptation
Lackin a full education, proper consideration
Ya maxin n relaxin on rotation, on some 1 elseís dolla
No sweat or effort, just a lot of holla
Bother n disappointment, a regimented mindset
Slovenly activated deportment, content wit
Ya involvement, livin in an adult landscape
Wit a childís mentality playin patty cake
An escape playset, a romper room participant
Wit a table prepared for you, this is what ya do
Callin for attention, feelin special, Loveís in session
The lesson, connection, direction, emotionally smeared
Blatantly seared, engagingly endeared
Eyes on the prize, lackin desire, burned by the fire
Lyin to ya self n anybody else, self centered
Nothin rendered, everything gained
Despite the strain, 24/7 rain, ya on the freedom train
Unrestrained, bein into any n everything
Playin Games, a mind untamed, poutin if ya 
Donít get ya way, childís play
Ya got things to say, wit nobody swayed
Opportunists weighed, chances slain
No work, but the best pay, on the highway
To nowhere, Hell seems like Heaven
As long as ya brethren serves you
Who cares, compared to a work ethic
Youíre an epileptic, goin thru life on the slow bus
The only problem wit you, is ya wonít help ya self
Thatís for everybody else, a prince in residence
Reignin on us peasants, we are all servants
To a pervert, neva to be a convert
For sure a convict, when ya allergic to work n effort
Unless it concerns pleasure n leisure
In unlimited measure, ya reject puttin in work
Tarnishin the treasure, murderin the golden goose
Cause you let loose the tornado of you
A menace to society, anybody tryin to effect a change
In ya mainframe, itís a game, ya claim
Ya aim is to be like play doh, silly putty
Who is to blame cause ya lame
Ya are molded by the variety in society
That idly lets the wind blow, let ya go wit the flow
Exposed to a fantasy, swimmin in a sea of insanity 
Fallin victim to ya vanity, ya a satellite
In profanity, aint nobody feelin ya calamity
We are all drownin in ya ability to be lazy
Drivin us crazy, waitin for you to wake up n see
That ya need to play a part in this community
Show some unity, stop bein unruly
In a society where morally, you are obligated
To get ya hands dirty, ya back attacked
Bent to the heavy load of responsibility, toilin
Tillin the soil, in the garden of Life
Not the life of Riley, sittin by watchin
Partakin idly, bein a bane to ya family, anybody
Offerin no sympathy, you have no empathy, just apathy
Itís anybody elseís fault but yours for ya poverty
No chores, no pay, at the end of the day
Have it ya way, beggars canít be choosers, just losers
Everything comes to an end
What will ya do then, the truth be told
Iím waitin anxiously, patiently anticipatin
Payback is a *****, ya reap what ya sow
Karmaís comin to roost, to crow
The truth be told.

Truth Be Told by IQue

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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