Siren Call

by IQue

Like the call of the wild, that vertical smile
On the scene, green wit envy, what she does to me
How women are perceived in n out of history
Like a harpy, a sharpie, they can be shady, that greed in society
In a heady, weighty contemplation on the contemporary
The situation can go from rosy to hosed up in a hurry
Based on the theory that a female is dear to thee
When in reality ya gotta deal wit how they be
Easy or gritty, it can get silly
From how precious the profane can be
To the viciousness of the sacred
Naked, dressed to impress, the deception
Swaddled in affection, how strange is the connection
A bitch, hoe, floozy, if I use those words
Ya say its misogyny, that I owe an apology
Face reality, human society has been denigratin
Women since Lithe, made her a myth
Eve become the cover up, the sleeve, an auxiliary
In the dichotomy of humanity, sexuality
Like thought n action, cause n effect, satisfaction
How we connect, the affect, all women aint pretty or ladies
They can be beasts, creatin babies, demons from the past
On the prowl, their power can devour a sucka
Feedin n creatin fantasies, alterin realities
A boon or disaster, disease n privation, dependin on the relation
A blessin n a curse, the best n the worse
In any discourse n often the source of impendin calamity
Disruptin families, sanity, the course of inanity
A demur monster, smilin, allurin in some panties, a vertical fallacy
Sleazy, greasy, hard or easy
Pleasin to you n me, media fed, street bred, gettin in ya head
Domin ya brains out ya straw pipe, siphonin ya life away
The sight of her could incite a riot, inspire a sonnet
Wit a face n ass that could launch a stack of ships
Hips, lips, tips, trips like bein ripped from the pages
Of any magazine, a movie, reality, a dream turned into a nightmare scheme
Gettin cream n creamin, screamin seemingly hidden
Disguised in plain sight, commitment n contentment
Gettin it, pimped, cherished, discarded like a fart or bein retarded
A succubus feedin on ya weakness, makin ya sleepless in Seattle
You done lost the battle, a funky feelin, an evil spirit
Like a heathen religion, you bein a pigeon
Demons, angels, men n women sinnin, fiendin
Becomin like goblins, from prostitution
The 1st infraction to the 21st century
Not often the solution indicated, susceptible 
To pollution, the downfall of another institution
Fussin, fightin, killin, the spirit is weakin
The body is willin, sex, insecurity gettin top billin
Swimmin in immorality, the source of the trife
The stress n strife, will ya sacrifice ya life chasin tripe
Itís a money maker n Iím no hater
How are ya gonna congratulate her, respect
Accept or reject, once youíve connected, inspected
Intercepted the process, if ya donít love em
How, why do, yet ya use them, abuse, when ya lose, remember
Turn around is fair play when ya get slayed
Donít get mad cause they are amused, ya Ego got used, bruised
Like germs let loose, we all could get burned
When are ya gonna learn, you earned ya turn
Ya reap what ya sow, take it slow
So now ya know, this is why some females are
Bitches, hoes, floozies n it comes so easily
It aint a mystery, just a part of our human, emotional history
The other side, her story, of her sexuality n the glory
In the margins, the footnotes annotates how gory
The smarts or stupidity, for which Iím sorry
So this is the story, the sirenís song that gets the ball rollin
It is what it is n you are playin the goalie
Defendin or condemnin femininity, now thatís a story.

Siren Call by IQue

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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