Outta The Madness

by IQue

Those that have it, flaunt it
Annexed n exiled, those removed from it
Hate it wit a passion, the fashion of
The young n old, the cold n bold
As the mystery of the Game unfolds
Everybody adjustin to their role
Polled, on, in the kaleidoscope ride
Residin, relyin on street corner knowledge, justice
Connected to bein selfish, left of center
Right aint no better, mired in mud, losin blood
Thereís no Love on a battlefield, in a minefield
Actin like Seinfeld, a spinnin wheel
Expendin energy, goin nowhere
Exclaimin bout fair, exchangin a pair
For an opportunity to get grimy
Feelin slimy, in the mind, inline wit eyesight
Bein hindsight, in a mindset, beset wit nonsense
Ya can always catch up, after the fact
Engaged in acts of sabotage
Against angst n the self employed, like an alkaloid
Life retards, in regards to understandin
The profanity that upsets ya vanity
On the rare occasion, when ya not anal
Becomin the final destination, on a mission
To accomplish the impossible
To become the best, startin wit less
Masterin a test, that vexes the status of Bein
Sequestered mentally, physically, in a moral
Spiritual sense, the contest is to see, who can survive
The crab barrel mentality effect, constantly KOíin, DOAíin
Everybody thatís playin, layin waste to the landscape, reality
Delayin the obvious, that there aint no harmony
Wit little cooperation in stagnation, just ya participation
In a conflagration, where annihilation  
Is the desired result, bein a pop tart 
In a me-ism soap opera, youíre the main character
In a 1man show, closed before it opened
Rope a dope style, a fiasco that seems natural, normal
In a orbital approach to structure, destruction launched 
As a satellite, the right to Life, lie, cheat, repeat the same trick
Like bein sick of righteousness, so that ya reject common sense
Expected like gibberish, re-electin G.W.
Acceptin the bird in hand n the bush
Cushy n confused, ya canít win for losin
Usin gorilla tactics, just ask the victims of Katrina n Iraq
In a natural disaster or civil war
In the public arena, seen as democratic
Where is the justice n liberty, inherent in the Constitution
Forget bout patience, she just wet herself, entertainin stupidity
Freezin in the humidity of humility
Lackin the ability to foresee, the future
So ya keep wallowin in the present, referencin Jesus
Mercy n forgiveness, when what ya wish
Is for retribution, feelin thatís the solution, to ya problem
In our daily lives, on the grind, from 9-5 or however ya survive
24/7, in heaven or hell, itís hard to tell
In a tsunami swell, battlin insanity, the lazy
Folks just bein crazy, prayin for succor
Playin as a sucka, a performer, in a game of blacktop
Risin up outta the gutter, bein a supporter
Of the order of madness, the sadness of the daily bind
That holds ya in line, the time is now
To somehow unclimb the ladder of status
Success under any name, acceptin fame, when it should be blame
Clean up, straighten up, the mess
To escape the madness, try to find a way, up outta it
Arenít you intelligent, use ya intellect, bring back 
Common sense, forget about the madness
Eclipse the B. S. n mind slip.

Outta The Madness by IQue

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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