Until Then

by Shirley Ipaye

What's expected isn't always delivered, but it's human nature
To crave care and nurture from whoever has your back,
Or in this case, whoever doesn't.
Because there's division and injustice in society especially if you're black
And there are many saddened because of the current events 
dealing with distant cousins
And although I know it is, I wish what was, wasn't,
But there's no changing that only accepting.
There is no way that America could ever care about the massacre in Nigeria
Mainly because Yankee has been doing that for years
Been killing off Africans for resources, 
and milking my entire continent for its blood sweat, and tears
And aside from that, altering the things 
we're shown on the television station and what we hear
Because doing that will somehow make whatever happens Naija's fault 
and we'll be put back in the rear
We started in the lead, 
but there's never any competition here so we need not fear.
Know that Africa is on its own
And it is not America's duty to help, it would be a nice gesture, 
but when have we ever gotten something so nice 
from them without an ulterior motive?
Think really hard, pick your brain for the answer, I'll wait a moment
I know there's cynicism in my tone, 
but that is nowhere near what I'm promoting
Just stating facts and the things that I don't condone and
What is wrong and the only answer I could come up with 
Is the injustice keeps America going
It keeps them in the "lead"
And that division is what they need
Blacks "need" to be divided from each other 
because togetherness will bring an uprising 
and the results from that would be indefinite
And Black Americans would then be proud to represent
The continent in which their ancestors were born
And my brethren would be one.
But until then,
We're all like candles underneath the sun
Many values melting away, and the revolution still hasn't begun 
But I won't continue to sit and watch degenerates conspire
I will no longer put on my white voice for hire
Instead I'll keep building me and my surroundings up higher
And then maybe it'll have an even bigger impact
Because right now it's so evident that we lack
But how can it be expected of America to stand up for Nigeria 
when it won't stand up for its own blacks? 
This house is not a home to you and when you realize that 
The severed ties between your black brothers you'll be able to mend
But until then...

Until Then by Shirley Ipaye

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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