Young Minds

by ioi_5150

Attracted to what seems to be the right thing
the only thing she sees the older man...
You know the one driving fancy cars
and rolls around with much bling! bling!.

See he's a hustler and some can be ballers,
but they are caught up in the fast life.
See young minds try to attract
and they try to act like the things that they see...
pretty women in the videos with nothing getting what they need.
Trying hard to please the older man but see,
She's young minded and she desn't quite understand.

So much wiser and with so much experience
he traps her and he manipulates this baby's young mind.
Finallly she's where she wants to be...
Rolling around with him gossiping,
See young girls are not educated
and they are not getting any home training and no discipline.

Now shes hanging on the block
and daily getting knocked up with this older man,
having money and doing things she's never done before;
Young minded and she doesn't quiet understand life.
"Come here bitch and come sit on this."

She thinks this is love...but she's hurting inside,
She's just so precious and so young minded.
Built like a woman but mentally she's a kid,
Only sixteen years old and now she's bearing his seed
and watching him cheat.

Now he's showing her no love, Well... attention,
And now baby girls stressing and facing the facts of life...
She's just a young minded girl caught up in the fast life.

Young Minds by ioi_5150

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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